Existentialist Jim Carrey Is Amazing And Scary

I think we can all agree Jim Carrey has never been a normal guy. Even when he’s not grabbing his ass cheeks to talk to people, or teaching us that the truth will always set us free, he’s in character. Any interview he’s ever done has been some extreme form of Carrey doing a crazy character even if it’s a different version of himself.  But watch this interview he did for E! News at the red carpet for New York Fashion Week…

This one felt different. This didn’t feel like a character. This felt like we were watching our childhood memories falling into a place we can’t follow and it was awesome and terrifying all at the same time.

Maybe it’s depression, maybe it’s the slow, inevitable descent of a madman that we all should have seen coming, but Existentialist Jim Carrey is the most inspirational thing I’ve ever seen. Some people think it’s a cry for help and some people think he’s just “woke”.

I think I’m leaning more towards him being woke af, to be honest.

Imagine having the power and clout to walk into a shitty, pompous fashion show like that and call every single one of those high and mighty narcissists “meaningless.” That would make me so incredibly happy to have the ability to do that. There are so many people in the world that just need to be brought down a peg or two.

giphy (1).gif

Why can’t he just finally realize who he truly is. No one. A Faceless Man. One who has watched way too much Game of Thrones. Whatever it is, he looks happy to have become what he really feels like he is.

He has a quote from an interview he did for The Hollywood Reporter for the upcoming documentary about his role as Andy Kaufman in “Man On The Moon, “There’s an energy that has been given a label and a bunch of ideas about their heritage and about their nationality and all those things that are supposed to be anchors to a boat that doesn’t exist… We spend our life running around looking for anchors. ‘Oh, I’m Italian, that’s who I am.’ The fact is you don’t exist. You’re nothing but ideas. We take all those ideas and cobble them together and make sort of a personality charm bracelet, an ID bracelet we wear in life. But that’s not who we are, because we’re nothing. And it’s such a fucking relief.”

alrighty then

This is some crazy shit he’s saying. This quote tells me that he really believes none of us exist as we think we do and he is alright with that. How could he play all of the different characters he’s played throughout his career, especially the way he has played them, and not lose himself somewhere along the way? No matter how fucking crazy it sounds, he’s found his happy place, and we should be happy for him.

I’m just going to tell myself this is an epic troll job by one of the greatest comedic minds of our generation. Because that’s who Jim Carrey will always be to me. An Icon.

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