One Big Thing – NFL Week 1

The Texans are the worst team in the NFL.

Going into this season everyone knew the Texans were going to struggle on offense. Tom Savage was still relatively unknown as a QB, DeShaun Watson wasn’t quite ready, and the offensive line wasn’t going to be great but it might at least be serviceable. It would all be ok because of that defense and there was NO WAY the offense could get WORSE, right? Wrong.

Here’s where we are now:

That offensive line is hands down the worst unit I’ve ever watched in all my years as a football fan. Jeff Allen makes blocking sleds look like brick walls. Xavier Su’a-Filo looks slow and fat. He has to hold on almost every play just to have a chance. I would rather have 5 people kick me in the balls than play quarterback behind that pile of garbage. Where you at Duane Brown!?

Look, I know a lot of people didn’t like what they saw from Savage, but I still don’t think we know what he can do. He made some plays and some throws in the game that I thought were phenomenal. Sure he got sacked a lot and lost the ball a couple of times, but the guy had two seconds to throw the ball on any given play.

There are very few quarterbacks in the NFL who could play the position well behind that O-Line. That being said, Watson has to be the starter now if healthy, right? He has more mobility and he looked at least halfway decent most of his time in the game. We just need to keep an eye on that ankle. Hmm, this tidbit was supposed to be about the quarterbacks but ended up being about the offensive line… interesting.

The defense is garbage. They all looked slow and got pushed around way too easily. I think it’s too early to say that Watt just isn’t the same player he was two years ago, but it wasn’t a good game for him after the first quarter. He was getting bullied and pushed around in ways I’ve never seen any opposing team be able to succeed. Let’s take a look at  Clowney getting bodied by Cam Robinson as well.

Here’s the deal… People aren’t going to like what I’m about to say. Bill O’Brien sucks. He’s just not a good football coach. He can get down the culture aspect and get his guys to buy in to his system, but his system is absolute shit. The Texans continue to have awful offensive output year in and year out and the only common denominator is O’Brien.

He’s failed to put together a “game plan” that actually works and his system is just too convoluted. How many screw ups did we see in those option routes between the receivers and quarterbacks? His game plan gives these “options” to the receivers, but all I ever see are covered WR and no game plan to get them in open space. It’s horrible and he needs to go.

Rick Smith has to go too. That’s all I’m going to say. The fact the he thought that this offensive line, with Allen and Su’a-Filo starting, was good enough to go into a season blocking for a new starting QB and a rookie is more than enough to warrant firing him. I could cobble together a better O-Line if I made them out of Play-Doh. They may actually block someone too.

It was painful watching this team try to play on Sunday. Maybe Jacksonville is better than we thought. Maybe this is the year that all the hype around Jacksonville finally means something, I mean if you look at the defensive side of their roster, they look pretty damn solid.

BUT… you mean to tell me that with this defense and that offensive line, they couldn’t get a single sack? Hell Whitney Mercilus has made a career out of having multi-sack games against the Jaguars and he didn’t have a sack? Garbage.

This Texans team blows and it’s going to be a long season for all of the fans down here in Houston. I wonder ff the Texans O-Line can set a record for sacks allowed this season?


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