Sergio “Dipps” Into Our Hearts

Holy shit, isn’t that title such a great pun?

As I was watching that second MNF game last night between the Broncos and Chargers, I was waiting for something great to happen. Rex Ryan was an absolute nightmare as a color commentator. The game wasn’t really all that exciting in the beginning. The pizza I made sucked ass and I don’t know why. It was just all around a bad time for me.

Enter Sergio Dipp.

He bombed that sideline report on Vance Joseph in such spectacular fashion, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. For just 30 seconds I completely forgot about Rex Ryan. The pizza didn’t matter anymore. It was just me, Sergio, and a few million viewers having the time of our lives. Nothing else mattered.

Twitter exploded and everyone had something to say about Sergio Dipp:

Everyone was having a great time. Were we all making fun of Sergio Dipp in our own way? Yes. Could most of us realize that English wasn’t his first language and he was forcefully thrust into an impossible situation in which most of us would flounder way worse than he did, run away from the camera crying, and as the camera follows our shameful flight it catches just a glimpse of piss running down the leg of our pants? Also Yes.

People made fun of Sergio Dipp in the same way they make fun of their best friend for fucking up a speech in high school. We all know that shit is hard, but if we’re not the ones screwing it up then we’ll make damn sure we point it out to other people.

Anyone in that spot would have begotten the wrath of social media if they stumbled across their words in that moment. It’s the same reason we laugh at people when they fall, trip, or slip. It seeing our fears and flaws played out in other people’s lives and we find it humorous because it just as easily could have been us.

We should all have the ability to compartmentalize these two ideas:

1.Sergio Dipp fucked up and it was hilarious.

2. We know he was put in a tough spot and English isn’t his first language.

Plus, the guy even played up the joke himself later on.

This guy is more talented, attractive, and now more famous than I could ever hope to be. I shouldn’t feel sorry for him and his new found fame. He should feel sorry for me sitting here in my underwear at lunch time on a Tuesday. That’s where life has taken me. This guy is going to get to sleep with even more hot women now just because he is “that guy who screwed up on MNF that one time.”

He doesn’t need to apologize to us. He doesn’t need to apologize to the NFL. He doesn’t need to worry about a slip up. This dude needs a second chance and I hope, with all sincerity, that he gets it.

At least we can all agree on one thing, he was light-years better than Rex Ryan was. Jesus we have a whole season of this shit from him and I don’t mean that in a “fun-loving” way. Rex Ryan is angrier, shittier Phil Simms.

Long Live Sergio Dipp. You will forever be in our hearts!


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