Of Course Brian Cushing Was Taking PEDs

This news shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone.

Of course he is.

In not surprised. I’m not mad. I would do the exact same thing if I were in Cushing’s shoes. I think if we dig really deep within ourselves we would take that we all would. This is a sport where we see people retire before they’re 25 years old because the beating just isn’t worth the trouble later on in life.

Everyone who watches sports, football especially, and sees an oft injured athlete get fully healthy and start playing at a level even close to his old self should tell themselves one thing.

“That motherfucker is on something.”

Maybe I’m just jaded and angry now, as someone not so subtlety pointed out to me recently, but when I see trends, my logic tree tends to follow.

“That guy is the best I’ve ever seen!”

lance armstrong

Performance enhancers.

“Holy shit! How the hell did he come back from an injury like that!?”

peyton 2

Suspected or alleged performance enhancers.

I look at Adrian Peterson battling back from  two torn ligaments in 2011 to come back the next year and rush for over 2,000 yards and immediately say to myself, “He was on something.” 5 years later there are still no allegations or evidence, but in my head I know for a fact AP was taking something and no one can convince me otherwise.


I don’t blame these guys for doing it either. I try to play pickup basketball and my knees go out after one game. Between my knees and my back I move around like a geriatric Shawn Bradley; I just stand still on defense and add little to no value to my team.

My body is falling apart and I’m only 31 years old, I’ve never played a professional sport, and the worst beating I’ve ever taken has been me drunk falling down a flight of stairs. You don’t think I’ve looked into how much HGH costs?

It’s fucking expensive.

These athletes just want to do everything they can to stay in the game they’ve dedicated their lives to playing and we should all be fine with that.

Me too Steve. Me too.

Hell, the NFL itself should be alright with it but I think that stick is shoved so far up their ass. we could use their saliva as kindling for a fire. Now a good NFL player, who just wanted to stay healthy for once, is sidelined because of yet another bullshit, antiquated rule that needs to be changed. Or overlooked. Either one is fine with me.

Oh well, I guess this is just another shot at the Houston Texans already abysmal start to the season. Goodbye Brian, thank you for your years in Houston.



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