The Devs Take: Destiny Hype

Destiny 2 came out 6 days ago and has a player base of an estimated 1.2 million worldwide. The question is, with 7 AAA games being released by the end of 2017 and Q1 of 2018 how will Destiny 2 fair? Video game studios, like movie studios, are very precise about when to release their product.

There are a lot of bean counters that are paid big bucks to make sure these movies and games are released at the right time in order to capitalize on revenue. Movies are typically mid summer and video games tend to be near the holiday season. Bungie took a chance and pulled a Usain Bolt blasting out in front of their competitors by releasing late summer as all the kids head back to school, the adult kids have to juggle jobs and their spawn doing million activities outside of school.


Destiny 2 has everything players want. A great campaign, endless multiplayer action, and a partial open world experience all wrapped up nicely in a first person shooter package. But over the next few months, players will be able to experience each of these aspects with multiple games.

I feel Destiny 2 will have a significant drop in player activity, but if Bungie can time their DLC and keep the competitive aspect strong, destiny will recapture some of the players lost during the holiday releases.

Upcoming Games 

Middle-Earth Shadow of War || Oct 10

The Evil Within 2 || Oct 13

Assassins Creed: Origins || Oct 27

Wolfenstein 2 || Oct 27

Call of Duty: WWII || Nov 3

Star Wars Battlefront 2 || Nov 17


Far Cry 5 || Feb 27

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