South Park Season 21 Episode 1 Review

Okay, how badly did we need South Park to come back? Pretty damn bad, I’d say. To me, this show is the gold standard for satirical social commentary, and I needed it in my life to combat all the OTHER bullshit I have to sit through on a daily basis.

First, they crammed a LOT of satire into one episode. You’ve got everything from automatic home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home to confederate flag-waving rednecks and Randy Marsh’s own home renovation show. That last one kept me DYING of laughter since those shows are on in my house almost constantly.

The show starts off with the boys doing what I’d expect fourth-graders to do with an Echo device: add things like “big hairy balls” to a shopping list and making it say “I have to take a stinky poo”. In the middle of this, Eric’s girlfriend Heidi shows up for some interaction that let’s us know Cartman is pretty much done pretending to be the good guy from last season. Of course, with all this automation, who ends up losing out on some jerbs? That’s right….the rednecks.

Mustached Daryl takes the driver’s seat of an angry redneck mob who seem to have confederate flags everywhere they go (and use them to full effect with every mundane task). Waving around the flag and marching through the street is making it pretty difficult for Randy to film his new home improvement show: White People Renovating Houses.

THIS is where shit got hi-fucking-larious for me. With my wife being a fan of HGTV, I’ve seen damn near every iteration of renovation show, and the mockery South Park throws at them is spot on. See, there’s so damn many of these shows that the only name not taken is White People Renovating Houses. However, during filming, who should show up but angry white rednecks with confederate flags. It’s making Randy’s show look bad, but he thinks he has a solution: a way they can all get their jerbs back….

Dear god, can we stop and appreciate Trey Parker’s redneck rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”? It kind of pisses me off that the creators are talented enough to do as many things as they do, and be the best at it EVERY FUCKING TIME. ….Lucky assholes.

Anyway! Daryl doesn’t like being treated like a machine, and has some choice words for Randy. There is nothing that can’t be solved with a little home improvement, though, and Randy goes to work to give Daryl that open concept kitchen he’s always wanted. Throw in Cartman and his childish toilet humor with home assistant devices, and the show barely has a dull moment. Eric’s interactions with girlfriend Heidi were a bit awkward, but they also have their moments, too.

All in all, I’d have to say I’m very happy with the first episode, and can’t wait to see where those magnificent bastards take us next (more President Garrison, please).

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