UFC Fight Night Preview

Hello, fight fans. Glad you could make it….online………it doesn’t take much effort, though. You clicked on that thing with vigor, I’m sure. This Saturday, the UFC heads to Pittsburgh for a middleweight showdown that WILL have title implications. You have former champ Luke “I should clearly be modeling” Rockhold vs. David “what if I keep punching it” Branch. And I don’t think I need to say it, but both of these guys can be KILLERS in the octagon.

What? Didn’t believe me? Rockhold got the championship belt by finishing people considered too tough to finish. People like Lyoto Machida and Chris Weidman, who was unbeaten at the time. Rockhold not only has the name of an action hero, but he has the skills of one, too.

Luke Rockhold Question Mark Kicks Michael Bisping - UFC Fight Night 55 Uberlandia

He hasn’t fought since losing his belt in a rematch with Michael Bisping: a fight he clearly didn’t take serious enough. I’m curious where his head will be. Will we see the Luke that can end a fight no matter where it goes, or will we see the Luke who doesn’t seem to want to be there and forgets to defend himself?

David Branch is a bit of a different animal. He was in the UFC previously before eventually landing at WSOF where he won all 10 of his fights. The UFC invited him back, and he nabbed a split decision win over Krzysztof Jotko. Branch has a lot of experience with taking out lesser opponents, but seems to struggle with more talented fighters. However, he still has hands that can take your fucking head off. Just ask Yushin Okami.


It could be a very short-lived fight no matter who wins, but don’t turn away or you might miss something. Won’t be Rockhold’s abs, though. Shit is prominent in every shot. Good-looking mother fucker.

Elsewhere on the card, Alex Reyes makes a short-notice UFC debut against “Platinum” Mike Perry. Don’t know a whole lot about him other than the fact he is on a 13 fight win streak, and got offered the fight because Thiago Alves was stuck in Florida. Mike Perry on the other hand? You may remember him from this:

Good luck, Alex. I hear if you actually survive your UFC debut, they give you cake and ice cream backstage. Perry wants to move into the top-10 ranks, and there’s only you in his way.

Another fight I want to highlight is also a middleweight bout. This time we have the aforementioned Krzysztof Jotko vs. Uriah “Prime Time” Hall. And really the only reason I wanted to highlight this fight is to put this gif of Hall up:


RIGHT!?!?! What a crazy knockout! Jotko was on a 5 fight win streak until his setback with Branch, but Hall is on a 3 fight LOSING streak; mostly because he likes to try and get away with doing crazy shit and more experienced fighters make him pay. They’re both ranked, though, so who wants to bounce back more? I’m looking for Jotko to try and take Hall to the ground, and I expect Hall will use his anti-gravity boots to do spinny things.

As far as fight cards go, this one feels a little light, but sometimes those are the best ones to tune in for. Fighters know they might not get recognition unless they do something highlight worthy, and there’s plenty of hungry young-uns throwing down in Pittsburgh Saturday. Just sit back and enjoy the violence.

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