Total College Takeaways 9/16

Bored to Tears… Wait, What’s This

Tennessee @ Florida – The first three quarters of this game had some of the most BORING football I’ve ever seen. Up until that pick six early in 4th, I was only going to write about how incredibly dull both of these two offenses are. But I have to say, watching Tennessee eventually crumble and seeing that sad/confused puppy dog look on Butch Jones’ face was priceless.

The quote of the night came in reference to this game as well.

The SEC Network swears Chizik didn’t actually say this, but even if it’s fake, it’s funny none the less. Oh man, poor little Butchy Jones.

Husker Lose Again, Hooray!

NIU @ Nebraska – Another week and another Nebraska loss. I’m so jazzed right now. Can I still say jazzed? Yea, I’m sticking with jazzed. If you don’t understand why I’m so hyped for a Cornhusker loss, go back to my Total College Takeaways from last week and it will explain everything.

Look… I didn’t even watch the damn game. I know, you’re wondering how I can be so judgmental when I didn’t even see what happened. But they lost to Northern freaking Illinois! The Huskies had two “pick sixes” in the first quarter and never looked back. That makes me happier than Andy Reid eating a tub of hoagies.

I would honestly be the happiest sports fan in the country if I just saw Nebraska lose every single week.

I’m not petty… You’re petty.

husker mascot

The Game of the Week That Wasn’t

SMU @ TCU – This was going to be my game of the week until TCU started wrecking shop halfway through the 4th quarter and SMU fell apart on both sides of the ball. For the first three quarters it was an incredibly fun game to watch. It was pretty much the antithesis of the Vols vs. Gators and a back and forth battle between two very good coaches, but then Gary Patterson ruined it all. That Hail Mary to end the first half was a ballsy, ballsy call.

I loved watching both of these coaches trying to out maneuver each other. I think Patterson has been at TCU longer than I’ve had pubes and Chad Morris is about to be the hot chick everyone wants to sleep with. Hello Texas A&M?

Speaking of the Aggies…

No Hope For Sumlin

ULL @ Texas A&M – BLAGH! The Aggies picked it up in the second half, but this was still a gross win. How in the hell do you go into halftime losing 21-14 to Louisiana LaFayette? Seeing the 45-21 victory is nice and all, but the Aggies really only played well for one quarter.

The only good thing to come from this game was seeing the growth of true freshman QB Kellen Mond. He had an interception in the first half, but settled in nicely and played well really well in the second half. He had some really nice throws all throughout the game and I can’t wait to see this kid develop over the next couple of years.

All I know is that Sumlin is gone. No matter what else happens this season, Sumlin won’t make it past December.

He will be a nice shiny, new toy for the Aggies next coach to play with once Sumlin makes his inevitable exit from the program.

My “Jackass of the Day” award goes to a player in this game as well, Freshman WR Will Gunnell.

Some people are saying he was flying the double birds to his friends that were sitting in the stands, but come on… that’s a bad look no matter why he did it.  That move is the PERFECT example of the lack of discipline the players in this program have under Sumlin.

Holy Shit, What A Game!

Texas @ USC – This game was everything that I had hoped it would be, and it might end up being one of the best games all year. A way too cocky USC team getting punched in the mouth by Texas, but with Texas ultimately losing the game in the end.  That was literally my best case scenario. Three things stood out the most in this game. First, Sam Ehlinger reminds me so much of Colt McCoy… it’s creepy.

He’s not the most accurate passer, but he can extend plays and when you need him to make a play the kid just finds a way. Two, Collin Johnson is just a massive beast of a player and I can’t wait to see him playing on Sundays. Finally, my favorite moment of the game was a few USC player throwing “Horns Down” after the game… They’re officially my heroes.

Can we have a “home and home” between USC and Texas every year now? Please?

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