Kevin Durant Is Human? No Way!

Maybe I’m too understanding,  or maybe I’m just soft, but I have no problem with anything Kevin Durant did on Twitter the past couple of days.

kd tweets

Let’s talk about him blasting the Thunder first. Didn’t everybody who watched the Thunder feel the same way about that roster?  After Durant and Russell Westbrook there was a big pile of nothing.

That roster was garbage. Wanting to stay in OKC and play on that team is like eating at Taco Bell or Pancho’s (Google that shit) instead of having a nice gourmet steak dinner.

russ nasty.gif

Even Westbrook agrees with me here.

Let’s say Westbrook got hurt last year, they were closer to competing  for last place in the Western Conference than they were an NBA championship. Who would have taken over for them? Victor Oladipo?

More like Victor Oladip-NO! Holy shit, I’m a genius with these puns.

Billy Donovan was GREAT (insert sarcasm font) at Florida, and that’s where I stop talking about Billy Donovan. He’s a non-factor in the NBA as a head coach. Westbrook IS that team.  So why would he stay and spin his wheels in boring Oklahoma City when he could go play with a real NBA team in California and have fun doing it?

kd curry.gif

When I go play pickup basketball at my gym I don’t look to play with shitty players. I try to put together the strongest team with the best players, anything else seems stupid in my mind. So why would Durant want to try to win a championship with just one other star and a D-League team? If Westbrook got hurt, the run is over. Goodbye hopes and dreams. Instead he went to a deep team that has multiple impact players and one of the best coaches in the league.

Now let’s move on to the second part of this KD Twitter fiasco, the alleged fake twitter account that Durant very obviously forgot to tweet from.

He knows he can’t reply to fans calling him out. So he creates a fake twitter account trying to defend himself.


Anybody who’s watched Gossip Girl will remember Dan Humphrey creating fake social media accounts to defend his flailing book. You all remember that right? No. You didn’t watch it… Uhhh, moving on now.

the final danism.gif

If I were a celebrity in any way, I would have a fake twitter ARMY. I would attack and lambaste every single one of my haters with a fury never seen before on social media. My alternate Twitter personalities would be more rabid and loyal than the strongest T-Swift fan account. So I don’t care if Durant bought Twitter itself  and just banned anyone who talked shit about him because we’d all want to do that given the chance.

So what if Durant wants to explain himself to his fans?

What if he did it on his own Twitter account? Well sadly we know how that goes now. People would call him a cry baby and a coward.

No one should blame him for caring what the fans think. The people who say, “I don’t even pay any attention to that kind of stuff,” are fucking liars.

There might be one or two sociopathic weirdos that think so highly of themselves they don’t need the approval and acceptance of others, but most of us crave it.

So for the people calling him out as soft for wanting fans to like him, just stop. 95% of people in the world (real statistic I just made up) want that feeling of acceptance. Are celebrities and athletes any different just because of the spotlight?

I’d love for anyone to spend a day in the shoes of a Durant or Lebron and deal with the criticism and hatred they get in just ONE day.

I know I couldn’t handle it. Hell I can’t handle when my kids call me fat and they’re just kids… What the hell do they know?

At the end of the day Durant made the right choice. He might have had some regrets in the moment, but that championship ring should help comfort him when he’s reading his Twitter hate mail from now on.

kd mom.gif


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