South Park Season 21 Episode 2 Review

South Park came back to us last week, and the world is better for it. Their pairing of confederate flag waving rednecks and White People Renovating Houses was the perfect way to start us off. Episode 2 goes more international with the insanity, and gets North Korea’s launching of missiles involved. Who is the best character to have freaking out over that? That would be Tweek.

His song in the beginning came out of nowhere, and he doesn’t really turn the volume down until the end of the episode. Tweek freaking the fuck out is one of my new favorite things. I want that shit as my ringtone RIGHT NOW.

After thoroughly scaring the hell out of all the schoolchildren, we see the dynamic of Tweek and Craig coming back for a visit. They seemed to have embraced their roles as fake gay lovers, and Craig is the only one who can calm Tweek down….maybe.

During Cartman’s rant about Craig calming his bitch down, Heidi shows back up to say hello to Eric. You see, even though it seemed like they broke up at the end of the last episode, Eric called her and cried like a bitch to get her back. He even threatened to kill himself if she didn’t. Heidi, being the concerned loving girlfriend, tried to tell his friends he needs help. She plays his voicemail for Stan, who naturally plays it for EVERYONE. God, Cartman….you’s a lil bitch.

Back to Tweek and Craig, though. It introduces my favorite thing about this episode: the President’s tweets. It’s just such a perfect caricature I don’t even want to spoil it with an image, but it’s worth it:


You know there are people out there looking at everything the President tweets and losing their shit over it. Tweek takes that up to a whole new level, and Craig is left trying to calm him down. His idea is to make cupcakes for North Korea, and maybe it’ll help Tweek to do something nice for the Norks. Buuuut the President gets involved…..and tweets about it, which is probably not good.

Eric, meanwhile, is pissed no one is giving him attention for being suicidal, so he has to steal the thunder of Distracted Driving Awareness Week. I’m pretty sure the song he does is a spoof of some shit from the MTV Music Awards, but it’s still a better rap song than every damn one I’ve heard in my entire life.

With the President tweeting taunts to the North Koreans, they decide to launch a missile over Tweek’s house, who flips out even worse when the President tweets about it some more. Everyone is so distracted by his tweets that they even read them behind the wheel…which distracts them while driving….which causes them to run over a child from Distracted Driving Week….which is one of the most brutally hilarious scenes in a long time. I mean, this kid got FUCKED UP, and I couldn’t stop laughing. With all the memorial services for the dead student, that takes away attention from Eric….

That’s only about half the episode. I don’t want to spoil any of the magic, but it all culminates in many children dead, followed by one of best songs of the year. It’s a PSA with numerous citizens pledging to put down their phone if ever elected president.

This episode started off pretty ridiculous, but it turns in to one of the more heartfelt moments we’ve had in a while. God damn Trey and Matt can make us laugh and cry at a moment’s notice, sometimes in the same breath. I’m looking forward to the next episode, but also know the show can’t continue forever, and that makes me has a sad.


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