FAN CAST: The Fantastic 4

After a very long and very troubling history in the movin’ pictures, the possibility of the Fantastic 4 heading to Disney/Marvel is more real than ever…or at least more real than the wet dream that is the X-Men coming into the fold.

With that, I’d try my hand at a cast of a potential FF film that will mix with that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards- Kevin Costner

One of the main problems with the previous attempts at the team on film was the handling of the characters in that around the time of their origin, they weren’t that interesting. I’m looking to create a team where the origin isn’t rehashed ala Spider-Man: Homecoming, and give a rich history to the characters coming into the film.

A huge hang up I have about a younger cast is that when I hear the phrase “This is my life’s work,” coming out of a 25-30 year old, I have to ask, “What life?”  Reed Richards is one of the top 5 hero minds in the Marvel universe and Costner has the chops to mix it up with the likes of RDJ’s Iron Man and Bendylick Cabbagepatch’s Stephen Strange.

The Invisible Woman/Sue Storm-Richards- Carla Cugino

Not quite young, not quite old, sexy but tough, smart and vulnerable. One of the biggest conflicts that comes along among the team is simply how close they really all are, and that’s not just Sue’s relationship with Johnny The Human Torch or her marriage to Mr Fantastic. It gets deep, almost melodrama.

This pic of Sue, BTW, was just one of very few that didn’t have her portrayed HYPER sexually. She is a scientist, she is a badass, and Cugino can pull off the emotional roller coaster the team becomes.

The Thing/Ben Grimm- Ray Stevenson

It’ll take some heavy hitters to make this team interesting and Ray brings a kind of edge that even Rocket Raccoon can’t quite scratch.  He is my favorite Punisher to date, too.  Grimm’s arc beyond his toughness has only been how sad he is that he’s now some kind of monster. It’d be interesting to see where he is after 10 plus years of living the life.

I wanna hear Stevenson say, “It’s clobberin’ time!”  I got chills thinking about it. I also think his stature and skill partnered with Costner’s Richards would be a dynamic even better than Cap and Falcon’s.

NOTE: I wanted Ving Rhames here but they already snagged him up as one of the Ravagers

The Human Torch/Johnny Storm- Chris Pine

It’s time for Marvel to complete the cycle and snag the last Chris. Once this is done, and only when this is done, can they combine to form Vultron.

He’s right in the pocket of the right age and to bring a little Kirk arrogance could take the edge of the somewhat lame daredevil badboy that Johnny Storm got saddled with in previous incarnations. Johnny knows when to hunker down and be a pro, just as he also knows when it’s time to chase tail.

Dr Doom/Victor Von Doom- Ralph Fiennes

Heavy hitting heroes, meet heavy hitting villain. Doom is arguably one of the top 5 Marvel minds including heroes and definitely the smartest villain. He’s powerful as all hell, poetic in his mercilessness and calculating in planning.

I can buy a potential frienemy status of Fiennes’ Doom and Costner’s Richards, as it is a rivalry dating back to their college years. This thing goes deep, bro. To see where these guys are at, emotionally and mentally at this stage in their lives could make for serious skirmishes.

WELL THERE IT IS FOLKS! Who would you pick in your Fantastic Four flick?  Let us know!

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