Total College Takeaways 9/23

The Aggies Win In OT

Texas A&M vs Arkansas – I really don’t know what to say about this game. To be honest I think I’m still in shock knowing that my Aggies won a game in OT… on a great defensive play none the less. Texas A&M isn’t usually a name that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking of teams that perform well in clutch situations.

Weird, I know.

In fact, it’s usually the opposite. When the Aggies get into a tough situation I usually expect them to crumble into a pile on the ground and piss all over themselves, but they didn’t do that this week… they actually won. Christian Kirk and Armani Watts will forever be in my own personal sports Hall of Fame after this game.

Kirk is just a freak with freakish athleticism, but Armani Watts might be one of my favorite players to play for the Aggies since Von Miller. This guy always finds a way to make a big play in the biggest moments, it’s amazing.

Need to stop the opposing offenses run game?

Need to get the ball back to end the game?

I can’t wait to see how his skills translate in the NFL, because some lucky team is going to strike gold with him.

In no way am I so delusional to think that they can pull off a win like this every week, but watching this young team fight through the adversity of playing against Arkansas at AT&T Stadium was pretty damn encouraging.

This was one of those games where I don’t want to see Kevin Sumlin get fired by the end of the season, but sadly I still think he’s gone after the season is over. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Sumlin as a head coach. On one hand I see the progress Mond has made since taking over the starting QB spot the past few weeks and I think, “Damn, Sumlin has done a great job with him.”

But then I see a dumbass penalty on special teams, with a gunner hitting the opposing return man before the ball even gets there, and again I’m angry. That’s some shit we all learned to stop doing in middle school. Those break downs in discipline are what will get Sumlin fired, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be happy to see him go, especially after a win like this one.

Speaking of Mond, the referees from this game can go straight to hell. HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY TAKE AWAY THAT 90 YARD TD run?

He’s clearly in bounds and they pull some bullshit about “human error”… ummm get your shit together refs.


Cowboys Get Licked At Home

TCU @ Oklahoma State – Do you see what I did there with the title? Because TCU is the Horned Frogs? Get it, because Frogs lick things?

I’m hilarious.

Just like Oklahoma State trying to stop TCU’s rushing attack.

michael scott rimshot.gif

I swear Darius Anderson looked like the second coming of LaDainian Tomlinson (L.T.) against that Cowboys’ defense.

This was one of my favorite games to watch all day because I’m secretly a TCU fan. I grew up about 20 minutes away from TCU’s campus and my first football game ever was a visit to Amon G. Carter Stadium to watch L.T. run roughshod over whatever poor team they played that day.

Other than being a closet fan of TCU, the game was fun to watch because of one man… Mason “Everyone’s Favorite Reindeer” Rudolph. If this kid keeps up the pace of play he’s had this season and doesn’t win the Heisman, I will literally shit everywhere. It will force me to evacuate my bowels immediately.

I’ve seen people say Baker Mayfield is ahead of Rudolph in the Heisman race. I get it, he had 2 interceptions in this game, but he also threw for about a billion yards and tried to keep Oklahoma State alive. But behind Mayfield in the Heisman race?

frank nope.gif


I’d be on the Mayfield train if he hadn’t apologized for the flag plant, but now I can’t like anything he does ever again. He has officially ruined any chance of me having a man crush on him any time in the near future.



NC State vs. Florida State – I’m going to start by saying this, Florida State had 3 weeks between games because of Hurricane Irma. That kind of lay off can’t be good for a team’s continuity and momentum, especially when they lost their starting quarterback in a first game loss. But I had a friend, a Seminoles fan, tell me “if FSU runs the table they’ll be ranked #1 and be in the College Football Playoffs” so screw them.

I loved watching FSU lose this game solely because of that comments. Nothing irritates me more than completely unfounded and irrational confidence. I like people to be at least somewhat logical. Take me as an Aggie fan for instance, I can be irrational at times. But the logic tree of the irrationality always follows the trend of the team, which usually leads me to be more pessimistic.

So I’m glad they lost. This is the only reason I even watched this game, just on the off-chance that they actually lost to NC State. NC State hasn’t beat a ranked team on the road in almost TEN YEARS, and they did it this weekend against Florida State.

Sorry Jimbo. Better luck next week.

P.S. – I can’t wait for The Total Bro Sports Show this week because Bradley Chubb had a very strong “Bro Move of the Week”…

Is it disrespectful? Yes.

Would I do it? No.

But is it hilarious? Absolutely.



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