Baller & Squalor: NFL Week 4


Deshaun Watson

I’m going to start calling Deshaun Watson “Capital One” with the catchphrase “Watson your wallet?”…

Because he’s money… Don’t hate, you know you love it.

This is the second time Watson has made the “Baller” list. Last time, it was for breaking off a 49 yard TD scamper on Thursday Night Football. This time… it’s for completely owning NFL headlines in Week 4.

He was electric on Sunday and he’s given hope to a town that’s been hopeless at the quarterback position for pretty much the entirety of the franchise’s existence.

Houston needs Deshaun Watson to work out. If Rick Smith traded away draft picks to get him and he ends up being a complete bust, I don’t know what the Texans’ fan base will do.

So far, so good though. So just back away from that metaphorical fan ledge Houston, you’re all safe for now… that is until the Astros implode in the playoffs and lose to the Indians in the ALDS.

What!? I didn’t say anything! Moving on!

The most amazing part of watching Deshaun Watson play so far this season is just how much his accuracy has improved since he was at Clemson last year. You can even see substantial improvements each week since Week 1.

Combine the much improved accuracy with the improvisation, running ability, and some of the best play fakes I’ve ever seen from a rookie QB and this Texans team is going to be a force this year with Watson at the helm.

It’s no surprise he was chosen as the AFC Offensive Player of the Week, especially after a stat-line like this…

This kid is very good.

L.A. Rams

WHAT’S THIS!?!? The Rams might actually be a good football team. Holy freaking crap.

sean mcvay

This L.A. team continues to impress me, so I finally had to put them into my “Baller” category.

Jared Goff’s increasing success makes him look like a competent NFL quarterback and it only helps propagate the Sean McVay “QB Whisperer” narrative.

I mean it does kind of help having a guy like Todd Gurley in the backfield with over 200 total yards. He’s been a force in the passing game this season and the Cowboys defense didn’t stand a chance.

Those defenders trying to tackle Gurley was like me trying to not eat a whole pizza. The effort was there, but that shit was never going to happen.

This Rams squad isn’t winning a Super Bowl this year, but at this point I think they’re only a year or two away from being in the discussion.




Tennessee Titans

I present to you, The Tennessee Titans…

I don’t know what else to say. That was Matt Cassel’s 7th pass of the game and it was his second interception.

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed an NFL beat down this bad with my own eyes before. I’ve heard stories… but I’ve never seen it myself.


I don’t even want to make an attempt at humor right now. It just feels sadistic at this point.

The score was bad enough going into the halftime, but it just kept getting worse and worse.

All I know is, the Titans are trash without Marcus Mariota.

tire fire.gif

P.S. – The Titans would seriously rather trot out Matt Cassel than Colin Kaepernick? Right… there’s no black balling going on at all…


Redskins’ Backfield

This was one of my favorite Monday Night Football games this year. Kansas City just continues showing a toughness and grit that they haven’t totally had in previous seasons with Alex Smith leading that charge. The stellar play by rookie Kareem Hunt is the spark this team needed on the offensive side of the ball and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

That being said, the Redskins were in this game until the very end.

Kirk Cousins had a pretty solid game.

Terrell Pryor Sr. finally had a decent outing for the first time this season,  catching his first TD for Washington.

The Redskins’ defense showed up.


I’m sorry, I’m not counting Cousins’ frantic scrambles in the 4th quarter towards the rushing attack. Cousins had more yards, and YPC, than any of the backs the Redskins seemingly threw on their roster out of the NFL dumpster.

I get it, Rob Kelley got hurt. That sucks.

But these other half-assed excuses for NFL running backs need to get their shit together.

I don’t think Kirk Cousins can carry this offense to another successful season without help.

This guy has enough on his plate right now.






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