Dear Star Wars Fans, Why Can’t We Have Fun?

I’m going to start by saying this… if you’re a fan of the new Star Wars movies, this article isn’t directed at you. This article is for that naysayer friend of yours that hates anything new in the Star Wars universe. So keep reading and show them this.

If you ARE that wonderful Star Wars curmudgeon, keep on “hate-reading” and I’ll pretend I can sway you.

A new Star Wars trailer drops and the complainer crowd is already out in full force? We can’t have one second to enjoy it before everyone starts whining? What the hell is wrong with us?

Every day I ask myself that same question… What the hell is wrong with me?

Really anything can trigger this response too.

Awkward social interactions are usually the most common cause of this instinctual response to my many downfalls as an adult, but things like running into walls, hitting my head on counter tops when I lean down to pick something up, or those times when my brain explodes and I forget where I am and what the hell I’m doing, are all common themes in my, “what the hell is wrong with me” list of grievances.

michael not ok.gif

All of these are caused by one little personality quirk I hate the most in myself…

Absent mindedness.

Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in the weird ass thoughts that rattle around in my head that I don’t realize the effects this has on my everyday life.

This is EXACTLY what I think is wrong with Star Wars right now and I’m not talking about the studio heads in charge of making the movies. I’m talking about us… FANS.


I had a conversation with my friend Alex the other day, about our irritation with the Star Wars complainers, and he said something that I don’t think could be more true about this fan base as a whole, “So you think you could produce a better Star Wars film? You could write a better script or create better characters? With sequels people make up unrealistic futures for characters even when they are insignificant to the story. They want to see everything in their head they made up happen.”

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, this is exactly why we all get so bent out of shape when we watch the expanded stories of our favorite force-using friends. When a movie, book, or TV show ends we decide what happens to the characters from that point. We decide where they go, what they do, and the life-path they lead in the aftermath of their epic journey. We have to have closure. Humans need closure. If it isn’t there, we create it.

nnt closure

So when we hear that this world we’ve created in our heads is actually going to come to life, the excitement builds up and we can’t wait to see our fantasies come to life. Then it all comes crashing down in miraculous fashion when we see our vision isn’t aligned with the one Disney had for their new Star Wars universe.

Is it disappointing? Yes. Does it mean that it should ruin all of these movies for us? Absolutely not.

Why can’t we just have fun watching these movies for what they are? Cool ass lightsabers and space magic wrapped in a slightly above average story. If you think about it, that’s really what Star Wars has ALWAYS been, with The Empire Strikes Back being the major exception of course. Let’s face it, that movie was just phenomenal.


Aside from that though, Star Wars has always been chock-full of bad acting, poorly written characters, and plot holes that make no sense, but we loved it as kids because they had laser swords and moved things with their minds. Why can’t these movies still be that?

Why do they have to have the perfect, most epic plot line in the world? Is it because a few of the video games were so good? Is it because of some of the expanded universe stuff was so well written?

Why can’t we just go back, if only for a few hours, to being the dumb, ignorant kids that we once were and enjoy these movies for what they are? Fun. F-U-N.


“Oh well Ep. 7 was essentially just Ep. 4 repackaged!”

Who the hell cares? I mean it’s not really, but who cares even if it is. After the prequels, all I ever heard any fan say was, “I wish they would just go back to how they did the original movies.” But when they do EXACTLY that we cry about it.

“OMG!!!! So unoriginal.”

“Well, I mean, this is just more nostalgia bullshit from Disney, playing on our emotions like we’re some mindless plebs.”

“Insert another piss poor excuse to be outraged at an otherwise epic and fun romp of a sci-fi film.”

lack of imagination

I love the fact that I can go into these films, hear that epic music, watch that beginning scroll, get a little choked up because I’m a little cry-baby, watch an awkwardly constructed story, see some laser sword fights, watch a massive space battle, see a planet/space station explode, and see the good guys win in the end. All of that while eating popcorn and pretending like I’m not tearing up because I love everything I’m seeing on the screen so much.

Why does it have to be anymore? Answer: It doesn’t. It just needs to be two straight hours of mindlessly fun entertainment between space ninjas and their evil twins. We just need to let go and let ourselves enjoy it.



So now I’m going to ask this question, once again, to the entirety of the Star Wars fan base and I want you to really think hard about the answer… What the hell is wrong with us?

P.S. – I can’t wait for the Porg. All you Porg haters out there can suck it.




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