South Park Episode 4 Recap

Can I start by saying just how god damn happy I am right now? I just finished the newest episode of South Park. It has me all warm and tingly in all the right places (or wrong ones depending on your beliefs). Not only was it hilarious, it also ties into the upcoming video game The Fractured But Whole, which comes out Tuesday. So I got a great episode of my favorite show with one of its best themes that also sets up a video game I’ve been looking forward to for at least a year. I’m SO HAPPY.

The episode riffs on so much it’s hard to keep track of, but it starts with The Coon and Friends setting up there movie and tv franchise, because Netflix will greenlight literally anything. Quite a poignant fact if you’ve been paying attention to their show library and the massive amount of horseshit that’s on there. Anyway, the boys are having some trouble because someone is writing some insane stuff about them on Facebook. Wonder who it could be?

Being the precocious little scamp he is, Butters is ruining the reputation of the local heroes. No one wants to interact with heroes that poop in someone’s mouth. But I think we can all agree that the parents of South Park would show a lot of restraint in the online comments about their children….

No. No they would not. Not only can they not separate fact from fiction, but they go as far as enlisting none other than Mark Zuckerberg for help. In my own mind, I always pictured Mark Zuckerberg as kind of a douche, but I had no idea OTHER people thought of him that way. I just assumed it was my natural hatred of everyone manifesting yet again. Apparently, Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t fans, either, because Zuckerberg immediately becomes one of the douchiest characters pictured on the show. He even goes so far as to walk in to a restaurant and start eating an old guy’s soup. God dammit, Zuckerberg.

Yeah! Poop in his mouth!!

I can only hope there is a point in the video game where you have to fight Mark Zuckerberg now. There is nothing I want more than this game in my hands. Here’s yet another thing that pisses me off about the show’s creators: they make an episode setting up a video game that is about to release, and not only is it not BAD, it’s hilarious while also getting me pumped for the game. I hate those talent-rich sons of bitches. Do they just shit golden eggs?!


Anyway….it’s a good episode. Maybe I should pay Mark Zuckerberg to protect this post from harm by using his blocking skills. ….Ya, douche.

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