Total College Takeaways 10/14

It’s that time again! My Total College Takeaways from Week 7 of College Football action!

Top 10 Pretenders Fail Miserably



Four Top-10 ranked teams lost in miraculous fashion this weekend and all of them to unranked opponents.

LSU beat #10 Auburn in some sweet Tiger on Tiger action.

giphy (1).gif

We previously decided on The Total Bro Sports Show that this game was the “Real Football Bro Game of the Week” since it was a great test for “Aggie Scorner” Jared Stidham and those Auburn fakers to pretend they weren’t all about being a fake good team. Of course they failed miserably, but at least they kept it close.

#5 Washington got beat by Arizona State 13-7 in what I will forever remember as the most boring game in college football history. 13-7! That’s a an exciting baseball score. What a terrible excuse for a football game.

#8 Washington State losing to Cal wouldn’t have been that crazy of a loss if they hadn’t lost by about a million points. That’s the exact margin, I did the math. DON’T @ ME!

Ok fine, the score was 37-3, but you get my point.

This was a loss I was actually sad to see.. Something about Mike Leach’s poo face and Luke Falk make me want good things for this football program.

Last, but certainly not least…

The Syracuse “We Don’t Know What A Football Is” Orange beating the defending champs, the #2 Clemson “Dabo Swinney Saves” Tigers, was the upset of the century.

orange glasses.gif

I’m pretty sure Syracuse would easily lose to a top FCS team like Wofford or North Dakota State, they’re both teams, right?

How in the HELL did Clemson lose this game?

How can you call yourself a team worthy of the College Football Playoffs and lose to Syracuse? They’re good at two things: Basketball and journalism… that’s it. Soak it in Orange fans, this is the best win you guys will have for the next 100 years at least.


Sumlin’s Hot Seat Watch

Kevin Sumlin’s coaching seat continues to cool this week since the Aggies pulled out a close win over Florida. Kellen Mond didn’t look great this week, but other than a couple of big plays the Aggie defense looked great once again. In the end, a win is a win and if  the Aggies can win out, it’ll be near impossible for Texas A&M to fire Kevin Sumlin.

Hot Seat Temp – 65°

sumlin smile

The Mysterious Success Of Sneaky Contenders

Another week of college football and yet another win for both TCU and Wisconsin. These two teams keep finding ways to win games and vault up the rankings. It confuses the hell out of me.payton confused.gif


It at least makes sense with Wisconsin, or does it? They’re offense isn’t terrible and they have the #5 defense in college football as of right now. Couple that with the fact that they haven’t actually played anyone this year and their success makes sense. No, Nebraska and Northwestern don’t count as “good teams”. You will never be able to convince me that wins against Florida Atlantic and Utah State matter.

I would say Wisconsin will fall back down to earth soon, but I’m not so sure they will. Their toughest competition moving forward is Indiana and Michigan. They will definitely lose to the Wolverines, but I don’t know that the Hoosiers have the offensive firepower to beat the Badgers.

Now for the real mystery… TCU.

The success Gary Patterson is having this year with his Frogs squad is a impressive. They aren’t particularly great at any one thing, but they are such an incredibly well rounded, tough team. They’re well outside of the FBS top 25 for both offense and defense, but they still find themselves sitting in the #4 spot in the country because they find ways to win games and make plays.

So maybe they just haven’t played any teams? Maybe they’ve had a soft schedule like Wisconsin?


They’re 3-0 in Big 12 play and they have two signature Top 25 wins. They have a win against, at the time, #6 Oklahoma State in Stillwater in Week 4, a game I’ve redubbed “Darius Anderson’s Rushing Clinic”, and another one against #23 West Virginia a week later.

We’ll see how TCU fares in the coming weeks with games against Texas and #9 Oklahoma, but if Patterson can keep up this balanced attack, with the poise a grit of Kenny “Wish He Was Still An Aggie” Hill leading the offense, TCU could be a dangerously sneaky contender in the College Football Playoffs at season’s end.








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