South Park Season Pass Codes Are Fractured, But Definitely Not Whole

Ahh, an Ubisoft game launches and another serious problem rears its ugly little head. It wouldn’t be an Ubisoft game without some kind of major issue tied to the game and “South Park: The Fractured But Whole” is no exception.

colbert surprise.gif

For people who bought the Xbox One Steelbook Gold Edition copy of the game, redeeming the season pass code that came with the game, along with a copy of “The Stick Of Truth”, isn’t possible and might not be for the foreseeable future.

People who have tried to redeem the code on Xbox Live keep getting an error code that looks like this…

This is a disappointing revelation since, you know, people spent quite a bit more money to get the steelbook edition, specifically because it came with the Season Pass code.

I don’t personally know who anyone who did that, but I can imagine those people are highly disappointed right now and if they had a blog would probably be dead set on writing about how they, and a multitude of other people, spent a good deal of money on a once again broken product by Ubisoft. (Psst… I’m talking about me)

I reached out to Ubisoft to figure out what the issue is, but surprise, surprise there’s no answer. All I’ve found on the issue is a reply on one measly little thread.

ubi shitty SP resonse

This answer pretty much reads, “Yeah, we screwed the pooch. Sucks for you, though. We’ll fix it at some point. Maybe? KTHXBYE!”

Because we all know communication is Ubi’s strong suit.

I guess that’s what we all get for trusting a company that’s spurned us one too many times. The relationship between gamers and Ubisoft is like a bad marriage. All we do is support them and want to love them, but they continue to take us for granted.

You know the old adage…

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Burn me three times… must have bought from Ubi again, huh?

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