College Sports with Clint: What just happened? (Week 8 edition)

Another Saturday is in the books and it’s time to process what we just witnessed in the wonderful world of college football. In a what has been 2007-esque season so far full of shocking upsets, Week 8 was relatively uneventful. But there’s still plenty to talk about.


First thing’s first, let’s talk about the game’s that we previewed here at The Total Bro. I was 4-2, so not a bad debut. The biggest surprise for me was Iowa State, which absolutely manhandled Texas Tech, 31-13. If you haven’t taken notice of the Cyclones yet, it’s time to freaking do it. They’re playing great defense and new QB Kyle Kempt is quite the sensation. Iowa State looks like a legit bowl team and should be ranked going into next week’s matchup against my TCU Horned Frogs in Ames – which now looks extremely interesting. More on that later.

In the “They are what we thought they were” category, Notre Dame and Penn State straight up exposed USC and Michigan, respectively. LSU and Miami handled Ole Miss and Syracuse, and Navy couldn’t hang with still unbeaten UCF. Also, this happened…

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State survived road trips to Kansas State and Texas. OU did it thanks to some late game heroics by Rodney Anderson and Baker Mayfield – who remains the frontrunner for “Least Likeable Person in the History of College Sports,” and OSU did it thanks to one of the most head-scratchingly awful interceptions ever by Texas QB Sam Ehlinger in OT. The latter, admittedly, gave me significant joy.

Also in the category of things that give me significant joy, Baylor is still winless.


Frog Thoughts: TCU beats Kansas, 43-0

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been a diehard TCU fan my entire life and am a proud graduate, so I’ll devote at least a little time each week to my thoughts on the Frogs, so bear with me.

TCU’s victory over Kansas was a big one, not just because it was a total annihilation – the Jayhawks finished with just 21 yards of total offense – but because it wasn’t close, redundancy intended. Kansas is one of those schools that’s always managed to make TCU sweat, regardless of the records, so it was refreshing to see the Frogs take complete control of a game. It speaks volumes about the stellar quality of the defense, which is quickly establishing itself as one of Coach Patterson’s best, and the balance of the offense.

I’ve consistently been one of Kenny Hill’s biggest detractors, decrying his inaccuracy and bad decision making, but he has shown marked improvement throughout the year and frankly blew me away against Kansas. He did more than drive the bus, connecting on some truly excellent passes and making it harder for me to temper my expectations. Oh, and it was Turpin Time.

One final thought of the Frogs: probably the biggest reason Kansas is usually a struggle is the sheer familiarity the Jayhawks staff has with TCU and Coach Patterson. OC Doug Meacham and co-DC Kenny Perry are both RECENT TCU assistants. Now, they did choose to leave TCU for Kansas of all places, but that didn’t keep this moment from still being a little bit sad…


Clint’s Top 10

1. Alabama (8-0): Bama hasn’t really played much of anybody yet, and the 45-7 win over Tennessee was fully expected, but it’s hard to put anyone else at No. 1 with their track record.

2. Penn State (7-0): This week was a major “Prove It” moment for PSU and what a team they’ve got. Barkley has to be the Heisman frontrunner. Sets up a massive showdown against Ohio State next week.

3. TCU (7-0): Every time I’ve got a doubt, this team keeps impressing me. Plenty more stumbling blocks lie ahead, but TCU is clearly the team to beat in the Big 12.

4. Georgia (7-0): Who’d have thunk last year’s Liberty Bowl opponents would be among the nation’s best this year? I’m a big believer in Georgia this year and have them jockeying with the Frogs for 3 and 4. They’re on a definite collision course with Bama, but how they handle Florida next week will be a good indicator of just how good they are.

5. Notre Dame (6-1): I’m usually the first to cry “overrated” when Notre Dame enters the conversation, but the way they thumped USC and hung with Georgia deserves some respect.

6. Clemson (6-1): The Tigers needed this week to get healthy and regroup after the Syracuse shocker. It will be interesting to see how they respond in the coming weeks. I still fully expect them to win the ACC.

7. Wisconsin (7-0): Wisconsin is unbeaten and that always deserves some credit, but they’ve played all of absolutely nobody. Turnovers will bite them soon enough.

8. Oklahoma (6-1): OU isn’t without flaws, but this is a solid squad and too many “experts” seem to forget the drubbing they put on Ohio State.

9. Ohio State (6-1): The competition has been far from stiff, but the Buckeyes have put their best foot forward since the OU loss. Still waiting for a 4-loss Ohio State to jump into the playoff.

10. Miami (6-0): I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide between multiple teams for No. 10 (Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech to name a couple), but you’ve got to give Miami credit for being undefeated, even if it might not last too many more weeks. Mark Richt has the Canes headed in the right direction.

Uni of the Week:

As a former equipment manager, I’m a lover of a great gameday look. I’m a massive fan of TCU’s matte purple helmet with black jerseys and purple pants, but to keep from a TCU overload in this post, this week’s honors go to San Diego State. Check out the awesome Aztec calendar design hidden in the helmets and red accents.


Courtesy San Diego Union Tribune

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