Don’t Look Now, But LSU Is Surging

If you’re like me, LSU is the cause of most health problems. Watching their football games is the leading factor of heart attacks in people over 25 who spell things with an “-eaux” at the end. Very specific and seemingly bullshit statistic, but I promise it’s totally not made up for comedic purposes. I’ve had such a roller coaster of emotions since the start of the season. There was definitely excitement in seeing what Ed Orgeron could do with the full-time job, and Matt Canada calling the plays. Apparently, that just means players run around a lot before the ball is snapped, which gets the blood flowing and helps prevent injury (also not made up). However, getting their asses kicked by Mississippi State and then losing to a god damn FCS team had my hopes falling faster then the Magnolia trophy.

It confuses the hell out of me how a team can be so bad and so good at the same time. I had written them off for the rest of the season. There was quite a lot of frustration and stress therapy involved in watching them again. ….But then something strange started happening…..they started WINNING.


Believe me when I tell you that was the last thing I expected. I had no reason to think they would have a great defensive win against Florida. It wasn’t pretty by any means. It was only by one point, and I assumed when Auburn came to town it would be soooooo much worse. And dammit that seemed to be the case. They were down by so many points I had already screamed “FUCK THIS!” and changed the channel. What a stupid decision that was, because I missed the beginning of the most epic comeback in LSU history. I know….I’m such a shit. But they DID IT. They beat a top-10 ranked team and clawed their way back into the top-25. So that brought the question: could they keep up the momentum on the road against a rival with a high-scoring offense.

As soon as this game started, it felt like a different team. They looked fired up, they looked determined, they looked PISSED. The performance of some of the key players had been slipping a bit, and they used this opportunity to get back on track. Danny Etling passed for 200 yards and two touchdowns for a QBR of 249.2, which is fucking crazy. Derrius Guice rushed for 276 yards. Darrell Williams became the first LSU player to have over 100 yards and 100 yards receiving. The offense put up a total of 594 yards, while the defense took the ball away from Ole Miss 3 times. It was also a breath of fresh air when place-kicker Connor Culp made all 4 field goals. This team was firing on all cylinders.

It’s been a while since I was this excited for LSU going into their bye week. I don’t know what happened with the player meetings and training after that Troy loss (fucking Troy?!), but it’s got the players and fans dying to see what they can do. If it wasn’t for the fact that their next game is against Alabama, I’d relish our prospects. Let’s be realistic here: that’s going to be an uphill battle all damn day. LSU hasn’t won that game since my youngest daughter was born…and she’s in first grade now. However, I choose to live in the moment, and the moment is bright as hell. We could ask “what if” all day and it wouldn’t do us any good. I’m just going to bask in a glorious group of hard fought SEC wins like….


After all, we’ve got two weeks to gloat before reality shows up to fart in our face again.

Update: My bad. I called Troy an FCS team. They are a member of the Sun Belt Conference. My excuse is I did not know that. I also don’t feel so bad about the loss now, sooooo…silver linings.

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