The Houston Astros World Series Run Is Making Baseball Fun Again

The Houston Astros are in the World Series!

I repeat, the Houston Astros are in the World F****** Series and they’re actually making baseball fun again.

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I used to live and breath this game. I played baseball more than any other sport growing up, my family had season tickets to Rangers games, and it was by far my favorite sport to watch on TV. However, somewhere in the past decade I lost any desire to follow the sports I seemingly loved so much.

But now, the team I’ve fallen head over heels for is playing in the World Series. More importantly, a Houston based team is playing for a championship in one of the “Big 3” sports and I am beside myself.

I’ve only just become a fan of this team within the past 4 years. Three things have led to me switching my baseball allegiance to the Houston Astros.

One, my undying  love for the best player in baseball, Jose Altuve. Altuve is everything that’s good about this sport. His drive, ability, and determination show young fans that you don’t have to look like Aaron Judge or Mike Trout to be the greatest player in the world. It’s a sport where the underdog almost always has a chance.

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Two, the amazing period in my life when I as allowed to actually cover the team for an entire season as a legitimate member of a major Houston media outlet. I fell in “sports love” with guys like Dallas Kuechel, Carlos Correa, and Altuve even more when I was lucky enough to actually stand face to face with them and talk to them.
Well, in Altuve’s case I really stood OVER him more than anything, but my experience covering a team I knew was good enough to play at this level was an experience I’ll never forget.

Last, but certainly the most important reason for loving this team, they’re making me fall in love with the game of baseball again.

This Houston Astros squad always finds ways to make big plays in the biggest moment.

Oh, they need a score in the 9th inning of ALCS Game 2? Altuve beats the throw at home to win the game.

New York’s bats start to heat up in a shut out in Game 7? Alex Bregman threads the needle in at throw home and McCann gets the tag on Greg Bird to keep that Yankee goose egg on the scoreboard.

This very young, crazy talented team is the most exciting squad I’ve watched play this game in a very long time.

This Houston Astros World Series squad is everything that is good about baseball and they’re making me fall in love with the game all over again and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

So now I’m going to go back to waiting in this line at Academy because I’ll be damned if I’m not going to be wearing a brand new Houston Astros World Series hat tomorrow.

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