We’re Looking For Writers!

Do you love sports, movies, video games, and pop culture? Have you ever felt like your opinions matter more than anyone else’s? Do other people have to sit and listen to, or read, all of your rambling thoughts on a million different topics? Have you, like all of us, lost friends over these incessant ramblings and crack pot theories? Do you think you’re funnier than everyone else and sometimes sit in your dark bedroom wondering if stand-up comedy, or comedy writing, was your true calling?


We here at The Total Bro are looking to add a few writers to our staff. We’re looking for witty, intelligent, funny writers that want to voice their opinions on a multitude of different topics for exactly zero money in return! We’re looking for writers for video games, sports, etc. and you might be the one we need!

Here is a list of the areas of expertise we are looking for:

Sports – NBA, MLB, NFL




Pop Culture & Misc 

If you’re interested in writing great articles in these areas for a wonderfully growing website for absolutely zero pay, then here is what you need to do…

Send an email to totalbroblog@gmail.com telling us a little bit about yourself, why you think you’d be a good fit for the website, and attach two writing examples on any current topic in the areas you would like to write about.

God speed gentlemen and ladies!



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