The Greatest Release Day Of All-Time

October 27, 2017.

A day that will live in nerd infamy.

The day a million nerds world wide will open their pocket books and say, “Here you go world, take it all.”

Marriages will be tested, people will be crying of joy and sadness, and thousands upon thousands will hole themselves up in their house for one of the longest and most extended media binge sessions known to man.

What is October 27th you ask?

Oh, it’s only “The Greatest Release Day Of All Time!”

giphy (9).gif
Oh yeah! Greatest day ever!

Seriously though, I can’t remember any day in the history of my life where so many big games, movies, and TV shows were all releasing at the same time. So just in case you forgot how big of a day Oct. 27th really is, I’m going to power rank the 5 big releases that will consume your weekend and have you saying, “Holy shit! It’s Monday already!?”

5.) Jigsaw

I know,  you’re probably thinking that this isn’t really that big of a release, unless you’re just a huge fan of the Saw series, but stick with me here… this release matters.

I loved the first “Saw” movie. It was great for it’s time, especially since most horror/murder movies since the 90’s are so abhorrently god awful.

giphy (3)
No thanks, I’m good.

I like to think of the Saw series like I think of The Fast and the Furious series, but the horror movie version. The first was pretty good, the rest of them sucked, THEN they did a series reboot with “Fast and Furious” that was alright, and then they started sucking again. That’s what Jigsaw is for the Saw series. It’s the reboot that will probably be pretty entertaining and then the series will go back to being shit again.

Also, both both of these movie franchises have the craziest cult followings I have ever seen. How can so many people like things that are so terrible?

That’s why it makes the list.



4.) Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Look, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last Wolfenstein game, but this one looks pretty fun. Everything I’ve seen, or read about, from this game makes me hopeful that it’s just going to be a completely mindless romp through enemies with blood and guts flying everywhere. That’s essentially what the first one was, but with terrible controls and glitchy graphics. Hopefully this next installment won’t be marred with the same issues and it could be just what we need in time for Halloween. A fun game where we kill a bunch of future Nazis in an alternate universe. Halloween at it’s finest.

3.) Assassin’s Creed: Origins

This is the first time I am actually been excited for an Assassin’s Creed game. Usually my care level rests right around the “Meh” to “Ugh” level leading up to an AC release, but this one looks pretty good. Complete with a new, and seemingly improved, combat system and some new mechanics that other Ubisoft games have utilized, Origins is going to be the very first Assassin’s Creed game that I am actually going buy at release.

Honestly, I really just can’t wait to yell, “GO YONDER AND SCOUT, MY TRUSTY EAGLE!”

giphy (5).gif
I hate snakes!

Ubisoft has done a decent job of repairing our relationship lately with the releases of South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Mario + Rabbids, so hopefully they continue this positive trend with AC: Origins.

2.) Stranger Things 2

Trying to choose between these last two big release items was tough for me. There are so many reasons why I wanted to put Stranger Things 2 first, but I just couldn’t.

The first season of Stranger Things was amazing. In a media world of regurgitated and recycled content, it was such a new and fresh idea with a great plot, very well developed characters, and had this air of creepiness that modern horror flicks can’t even pull off.

giphy (6).gif
Stranger Things 2 or Sovereign from Mass Effect? You decide.

The Duffer brothers brought us this brand new idea, in an untapped universe, and juxtaposed it nicely with a plethora familiar nostalgia to give it the feeling of an old classic 80’s sci-fi thriller. I can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us.

That being said, my wife told me that if I watch any of the episodes without her then she’ll kill me. For this reason, I had to make it number two on the list. If I can’t binge this show all in one sitting, it just can’t beat the #1 release on “The Greatest Release Day Of All Time”…


1.) Super Mario Odyssey

Like I said, choosing #1 was a tough decision, but in the end it had to be Super Mario Odyssey. I’ve been a Mario fan boy since I was a kid and this looks like it could be the best in the franchise. I won’t even play the demo because I don’t want to touch the game until I buy it and I’m not the only one…

I have been waiting 20 years to play another Mario game that captivated me the way Super Mario 64 did and I really feel that with the release of Super Mario Odyssey that day has finally arrived. I’ve read too many reviews and comments from people who have already played it saying that this game feels like it’s the sequel that all Nintendo fans deserve.

giphy (8).gif
Yes, yes Mario. We’re all excited too.

This goofy, free roaming Mario game looks like it’s going to eat up a large chunk of my time for the foreseeable future and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Nintendo has been hitting a lot of home-runs in my opinion, since the release of the Switch last March, with games like Breath of the Wild, Arms,  and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Warfare. The release of Super Mario Odyssey looks like it could top them all.

Honestly, I really just can’t wait to take control of a T-Rex.

giphy (7).gif
Rawr! I’m a dinosaur!

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