South Park “Sons A Witches” Review

Well that episode got weird and ridiculous pretty fast. First off, I love the Halloween themed intro. I’m going to watch the episode again just for that. Add in a bit of Iron Maiden a few minutes later and you got yourself a nice Halloween episode.

I feel like we are learning quite a bit about Randy’s past this season. First he’s a former Columbus sympathizer, now he’s part of a decades long group that dresses up like witches, goes deep in the woods, and does Jack and Crack.

The sheer amount of stupidity already involved is staggering, but the episode changes gears to give us all a perspective on how relationships usually go. Cartman and his girlfriend Heidi are getting ready to go to the pumpkin patch, …or should I say Heidi is getting ready and Eric is quite impatiently trying get out the door before it closes while Heidi decides which clip to put in her hair, which lip gloss to wear, which bracelet to get, she has to pee, she has to take a picture and OH MY GOD I’ve been in this exact situation…I feel you, Eric. I don’t blame you much for trying to get her kidnapped by a witch later. Oh wait I skipped ahead…..

Remember that whole witch gathering thing? The dads are all hammered on Jack and Crack, and Chip Duncan (that fucking douche) decides to read from a book he got in Salem, Massachusettes from the devil himself. Thanks, Chip…fucking chode.

He then turns into a real WITCH and begins throwing exploding pumpkins and kidnapping children. This of course gives a bad rep to the rest of the dads in the group, who are the GOOD witches you see, and a psychopathic witch has got everyone riled up into one of those witch…pursuit…thingies (don’t ask, it’s a big part of the episode). And I’ll be damned if they don’t have to go to the children’s school to sing a god awful song about not associating all witches with the one going around kidnapping children.

In the process of all this, we learn some new things about Eric and Heidi’s relationship, President Garrison’s past, and the kids being Sons A Witches. All in all, it was a pretty lighthearted and entertaining episode with a nice Halloween theme. I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed with last week’s “Hummels and Heroin” episode, even though it had one of my new favorite rap songs. It was a decent episode, but I think it focused on new characters too much. This one, however, has Eric Cartman in lederhosen, soooo…it wins. Having just finished up The Fractured But Whole video game, it’s not like I wasn’t going to love whatever episode they did, but this one was a real………………………..treat.

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