The Stagedive: Cults play Omaha

Cults, an indie pop band out of NYC, are in the midst of a US tour in support of their new album “Offering.” The two-member outfit are traveling with additional bandmates in order to truly bring their album sound to the live show.

On Friday, Oct. 27, Cults played the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska. The space (specifically the Okada Sculpture & Ceramics Facility), is an industrial-style building normally used for fabricating sculptures and ceramics, but was turned into what felt like an upscale concert space worthy of its own art installation.

Closeness performing in Omaha

Local band Closeness was the opener (at 10pm…I’m almost too old for this), who mirror Cults in being a male-female duo; the couple is Todd and Orenda Fink, with Todd being better known to many as frontman for The Faint. The venue was perfect for their music, bringing the perfect amount of reverb to their electronic-laden sound, droning and winding songs, and steady, heavy bass. The set was built beautifully, maintaining a flow between songs through the use of continuing samples, and escalated from some slower, softer tracks, into an upbeat and lively finish. They gave it a few songs before breaking the fourth wall and addressing the crowd, but made an instant and friendly connection when they did. It was my first time seeing Closeness, and I would absolutely check them out again.

Cults rocking the Bemis

Cults came on at 11pm, opening their set with “Offering,” the first track from their new album of the same name. From there they rolled into “Abducted” and “Always Forever,” and continued an excellent mix of songs from all three of their albums. The venue matched their sound wonderfully, as well, capturing the blend of electronics, instruments, and vocals with their unique shimmer. While the crowd may not have been overwhelming, Cults still put their heart into the performance and delivered a fun, fulfilling set, that was capped off with the song that put them on everyone’s radar, “Go Outside.” If you get the chance, definitely go see them.


More on “The Stagedive”

The Stagedive is The Total Bro’s music review column. In addition to talking about tunes, there will also be a weekly Spotify playlist that may or may not be related to content. The first installment is a mix that opens and closes with Cults, but has a smattering of music from the same vein…check it out, and let us know what you think!

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