College Sports with Clint: What Just Happened? (Week 10 Edition)

The Big 10’s self-destruction is the Big 12’s gain, apparently Miami really IS for real, and the state of Iowa is apparently where Top 10 teams go to die this year. Let’s look back at Week 10.

My sincerest thanks to the Iowa Hawkeyes and Michigan State Spartans, whose massive upsets of Ohio State and Penn State have cleared the way for a potential Big 12 bid to the CFP – provided of course the whole thing isn’t one giant SEC/Notre Dame-fueled ESPN-gasm. Also congrats to the Spartans, who now have a very realistic shot at the Big 10 title with a big game against the Buckeyes coming up this week. For you fellow Big 12 fans keeping score, an Ohio State win is probably most helpful here, both for strength of schedule purposes and the likelihood that Ohio State would destroy Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game.


College football season is never anything if not interesting.

Speaking of the Big 12, OU and OSU did their damnedest to forward the national narrative that the the conference is incapable of playing defense. Thanks a lot, y’all.

TCU, Texas, and Iowa State over here like…

Nonetheless, the Sooners’ defense-optional 62-52 win both lived up to the Bedlam name and sets up a massive bout for conference supremacy next week against TCU in Norman. More on that when I get around to my Week 11 Preview. And Iowa State suffered a loss in Morgantown to West Virginia (a very tough place to play), but still has a shot at the Big 12 title if they can get a win at home against OSU this week.

Miami, Wisconsin, and UCF all just keep winning, and with Miami specifically it’s becoming easier to buy that they really are a solid team. Va Tech is no slouch and putting the Hokies away the way the ‘Canes did is nothing short of impressive, especially after so many recent close calls against lesser competition. A potential championship matchup with Clemson is looking more and more juicy, after the Tigers survived a tough rivalry bout on the road against NC State.

USC is back in the driver’s seat for the Pac 12 South, but they’ve got a significant Northern challenger in the “We’re still good even though you forgot about us” Washington Huskies.

Oh yeah, and stupid Baylor finally won a game. Lame. Thanks, Kansas.

Frog Thoughts: TCU beats Texas, 24-7

For the fourth year in a row, the Horned Frogs have toppled Texas in football – a feat only previously accomplished in 1935-38 (a period during which TCU won a pair of National Titles and a Heisman). Still waiting on a repeat of those, boys.

TCU’s offense did enough to get the job done with a heavy dose of the running game – thanks for going back to what works – against a solid and improving Texas defense. But, as has always been the case this year, it was the Frog defense that truly shined. TCU had seven sacks held Texas to NINE yards rushing and essentially just one big scoring play.

The domination continues and it sure is sweet.

Clint’s Top 10: (Spoiler Alert: I think the Committee pretty much got it right this week)


1. Georgia (9-0): The reality at this point is that UGA’s resume is just far more impressive than Alabama’s, primarily because of non-conference. Outside of Bama and UGA, the SEC is just not that good this year.

2. Alabama (9-0): Bama has been virtually unchallenged. They’re good, blah, blah. Moving on.

3. Notre Dame (8-1): The Irish keep clearing hurdles. Another massive one lies ahead in Miami in a rivalry renewed.

4. Clemson (8-1): The Tigers impressed me with their win at NC State. It’s hard not to put he defending champs at 4 right now. Winner of TCU/OU will have the more impressive resume after next week.

5. Oklahoma (8-1): OU seems to pretty clearly have the best offense in the Big 12. Few teams in America could have a prayer to beat them in a pure shootout.

6. TCU (8-1): OU’s got the offense and TCU’s got the quintessentially Gary Patterson defense – one of the best, not just in the Big 12, but in the entire nation. This game in Norman is going to be fun.

7. Miami (8-0): What can I say, the ‘Canes are for real. This week they get to prove again just how real against equally for real Notre Dame.

8. Wisconsin (9-0): If you’re 9-0, you deserve to be in the top 10. But come on, the Badgers have played NO ONE and they haven’t exactly been dominant either.

9. Washington (8-1): While everyone, myself included, was distracted by Washington State and USC, the Huskies were quietly planting themselves atop the Pac 12 heap. Chris Peterson teams will always be good.

10 UCF (8-0): See Wisconsin, except UCF has been pretty dominant. They are getting nowhere near the respect they deserve.

Uni of the Week:

Another uniform honoring an American hero, Arizona State busted out these desert camo beauties to honor alum Pat Tillman. Not only is Pat Tillman worthy of a uniform (and two statues) in his honor, but these look great and also just work so well for the Sun Devils of Tempe.


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