So, Like…Are All Asgardians Strong Or…?

If you haven’t seen the massively funny, exciting, and poignant Thor: Ragnarok, then I feel bad for you son!  You probably have 99 problems and this is definitely on that list.

Before going forward I just want to say there is a SPOILER

In the film we see power on display, all kinds of power. In one scene, rock giant Korg utters “You gotta watch out for those Asgardians…” in reference to a character that is a Valkyrie.

So, we see a Valkyrie.

A few gods.


And even a veeeeeeery Japanese Asgardian. And I mean, hes not “my family is from Japan,” he IS Japanese. I don’t know how all that Norse stuff jives with Shintoism..but I digress. The thing I’m getting at is all of the people from Asgard that speak in this movie can punch a fool eight feet back.

Can all of them!?  We see that not everyone is a warrior or god, like…they’re Asgardian breadmakers and shit but could they knock a dude across the room?   What, aside from god powers, makes The Warriors Three so strong?  It has to be that they’re just…from Asgard and that’s that.

Could you imagine?? Some shit heel on Asgard could walk up to George St Pierre and just uppercut him out of the octagon.  Our million dollar UFC champion on his home realm cobbles shoes or some shit.

Like These Asgardians Would Kick Your Ass

AND THEY’RE COMING HERE!  The planet of opportunity!

Of course, there’s clearly a caste system so maybe those guys are strong because they’re a warrior class. If that’s the case, and I’m just an average Asgardian then I’m pissed and scared of these superpowered killing machines.

How oppressive is this place?

Am I thinking about this too much?  Maybe.

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