4 Reasons Fortnite Is Better Than PUBG

Look, I’m a fan of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds just like everyone else in the entire world. I’ve dumped a few days worth of play into that game and every second has been just as frustrating and exhilarating as the next. PUBG helped bring the “Battle Royale” genre to the forefront of the gaming world, but, with Fortnite: Battle Royale, Epic Games is perfecting it.

Fortnite is better than PUBG. There I said it, ARE YOU HAPPY?

I know this is a going to be a touchy subject for the die-hard PUBG faithfuls, but Fortnite is just a better game. Lawsuits and theme theft aside, Epic has taken what Bluehole Studio has made popular and given it their own twist. So, without further ado, here are MY 4 reasons why Fortnite is vastly superior to PUBG. Go ahead and hate read the piss out of this, friends…

This guy died 2 seconds after this…



This is one thing Fortnite really excels at over PUBG; it has a much better loot system. Very rarely will you go more than a minute without finding a decent weapon. In PUBG weapons are a lot more scarce and it can be a pain in the ass to find one at all. I’ve heard people say the loot system, a.k.a. lack of loot, in PUBG makes it a more hardcore experience. So you’re trying to convince me that more people having less weapons is harder than everyone in the match, all trying to kill you, having one? I call bullshit.

The weapon tier system is great. I really, really like shiny things. So when you let me open chests that puke shiny, golden guns on the ground, it really gets my dumb brain excited.

Not to mention the increased weaponry just makes it more fun. I don’t like lying prone in the corner of a house for 15 minutes because all I’ve found is one shitty pistol. I like being able to drop down, grab a shotgun, and immediately start plowing through my enemies. I want to wreak havoc on my unsuspecting foes, blasting them into oblivion with a grenade launcher, just to be able to walk through the haunted ruins, take my spoils of war, and dance on their stupid cartoony corpses as I leave.

So… much… shiny!

2: Smoother Gun Play

I know this is where I’m going to get a lot of hate, if not from this whole article itself, but the gun play in Fortnite just feels a lot better, especially in close quarters. Part of it has to do with the fact that Fortnite is just better optimized than PUBG, so we deal with way too many frame dumps and stutters. It turns CQ combat in PUBG into more of a game of russian roulette than an actually skill based fire fight. Fortnite blows PUBG out of the water in this category.

The other part is because the controls are a lot better. Controlling your character in PUBG can be a ridiculous nightmare, but in Fortnite the controls are smoother, react quicker, and make those fights a lot more about being more skilled, than losing because of dumb, random luck.

I’ve never felt like I’ve lost a fight in Fortnite because the game lagged or went all screwy on me. If I die in an even fight in Fortnite, it’s 1000% me being a complete moron, but in PUBG I could have all the advantage in the world, and too many times the game will find some way to screw me over. I hate it and I never deal with it in Fortnite.

giphy-downsized-large (2).gif
Seriously… you’re telling me this isn’t bullshit?

3: Building Mechanics

This is the biggest difference between PUBG and Fortnite… the building mechanics. For the people who want to keep saying PUBG is a more hardcore experience, try being invaded by a team of 4, who can build a network of staircases at lightning speeds, and all you can do is wait to welcome death. The ability to build and destroy in Fortnite gives it such a massive edge over PUBG, especially later in matches.

There’s no greater feeling than launching a rocket at an opponent’s measly, little wooden shack; only to watch it blow to shreds down below, from the gigantic metal monster fortress you’ve spent a good 3 minutes creating for yourself. Any PUBG player who says it’s a much harder game, hasn’t experienced this dynamic in a Battle Royale game. Having the ability to build up in the end game can completely change a fight, and even the most drastic of odds, very quickly. I’ve seen someone take out two teams at the end of a match, after all of his squad mates died, solely because he was able to build the right fortifications. That someone was me. I did that  =]

I hid in a bush for 15 minutes to get this win… I deserved it.


I really don’t feel like I need to dive into this reasoning for very long. Most people who have played both PUBG and Fortnite will agree that both have their advantages and disadvantages, but that each of them is fun in their own way. PUBG has the slow approach, methodical approach, where you just wait out the enemy and proceed with caution. Fortnite a more fast-paced approach, with a lot more aggressive game play. However, both of them are fun experiences, so here’s where Fortnite really wins… IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!

Why, if I hadn’t already, would I shell out $30 for a game that has as many bugs and problems as PUBG does, when I could play a game like Fortnite for free. Maybe this is an unfair comparison, but if you’re telling me I can play only one of these games, both are equally as fun as the other, and one of them is free… I’m choosing the free game all day long.

Fortnite vidtory shiny.PNG

I really do enjoy PUBG and I will most likely buy it again when it comes out on console, but if you told me I had to choose only one of these two games to play for the rest of my life, I would choose Fortnite: Battle Royale. The smooth controls, fast-paced action, and dynamics of building, and destrtuction, make a much better experience, and overall a better game.

7 thoughts on “4 Reasons Fortnite Is Better Than PUBG

  1. hahahahahahahahaahahahaahahaha!!! how dare you make fun of the god like game pubg! fortnite is nothing but a stupid clone that tries so hard to be original with its dumb mechanics. if fortnite takes away all its guns it would be original because pubg invented the idea of guns in video games first.


  2. pubg was buggy during early access, it no longer is. I have never had a problem with lack of loot in pubg, and even if i only get for example a Micro uzi i can still easily kill someone with an m16. To me fortnite Always seemed like it came straight out of an episode of Mickey mouse club house which i dont like either. The clip you showed of a guy jumping with his motorcykle i wouldnt call a bug, he simply outplayed you. And if you Think a flying motorcykle is too much i have no idea how you can handle a Group of 7 year olds building the city of new york in the middle of the game.


    1. I literally just played a game where I looted a whole apartment building and came out with a double barrel, no vest, no helmet, no meds. The loot in pubg is abysmal compared to Fortnite hands down.
      Also yesterday in pubg i was sitting in the passanger seat of a buggy on flat ground while the driver checks his map, the buggy spontaniously decided to jump in the air do several flips and land on the roof. Bounch up again like it was on a trampoline and landed on the roof a second time and did it once more and immediately blew up on contact the next time it hit the ground. All while not driving an inch. I also saw someone shooting through a tree today, literally gun sticking through the tree and I shot the same spot i saw his gun and killed him. Pubg is riddled with bugs dont lie cause you suck pubgs flaccid cock.


  3. If your mission was to create content that wound up the gaming community then this was sure it! If I can put my pace forward: I definitely find Fortnite has a lot more replay-ability as it has more to do in it but the people who play Fortnite tend to be younger less serious gamers


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