Congratulations, Bungie. You’ve Pissed Me Off Yet Again

If I could go back and undo all of my playtime in Destiny 2, I would. I haven’t touched it in weeks, and I really don’t plan on going back to it anytime soon. The game is basically a bowl of Fruit Loops: it looks very colorful, tastes real sweet, but provides no substance whatsoever…..but Bungie also charges you for the bowl, the milk, and the spoon….

Except they’d take the other dollar, too

I realize this mostly has to do with Activision being the worst company in the entire video game industry, but Bungie knew what it was getting into when it made a pact with the devil.

There’s been a lot of beef between Xbox and PS4 fanboys, but one thing we can all agree on is that it’s complete bullshit that the PC version of Destiny 2 seems to have gotten the special treatment. Why in the hell is there a completely different game on PC? Why screw over not one, but two player bases like that? Oh, because you want those people to buy ANOTHER version of the game, so they can play it the “right” way.

So what’s the latest news that has me so riled up that I want to take my Destiny 2 disc and break it into a million pieces? First, a little backstory: I was a super excited little panda when I received my Xbox One X. There’s just so many pretty things happening on this giant TV right now that I’m under a spell, it seems. It had me so happy and thinking maybe the world isn’t so bad……until I thought about starting up Destiny 2 to see how it looks only to look on the “enhanced games” list to find that it isn’t there.


Yes, one of the biggest games of the year didn’t really care about the ONLY new console when it released. You have to wait until December 5th if you want to experience the game best graphical version on console. It’s not just Xbox, either. PS4 Pro players have to wait for the HDR enhancement, as well. So why the wait? Is there something significant about that day? Might there be something happening on December 5th that would coincide with this? Could there somehow be another ploy by Bungie to get more of those sweet sweet dollars?


Thaaaaaaaaaaat’s right. The Curse of Osiris expansion drops December 5th. I had forgotten about that because I don’t give a single fuck about their attempts to milk their player base for more money. I can’t wait to play for 4 days and then be bored again. ………yay…… How many players actually know who Osiris is? I postulate that the vast majority of them have no clue about his story or why it might be significant. I lay the blame solely at Bungie’s feet again for having a gigantic universe that is empty of all substance unless you seek out the fucking nerds on Youtube or Reddit to explain the shit that the game should be explaining itself.

I did not purchase the expansion pass for a reason. I knew I would be done with the game long before it came out just like I was with the first Destiny. I have no desire to play this expansion, and I have no desire to give Activision or Bungie anymore of my money. It’s all stuff I assume was going to be in the first release anyway.


….Wow….this post got salty a lot faster than I wanted. I’d intended on being a little nicer so as not to alienate any of our readers who still love the game; And I can definitely see why they would still be playing. I have always said it has the best shooter mechanics of any game out right now. The universe is quite colorful with an amazing soundtrack you can find yourself getting immersed in easily. But for someone like me that requires a rich, narrative-driven story (which Destiny 2 is not), or a solid multiplayer experience (also not Destiny 2), or an open-world expanse with tons of player choice (player choice in Destiny 2? Hah!), this isn’t the game for me. Not going to knock anyone that wants to stick with it, though. I just can’t bring myself to look passed the business practices that turn me against a company faster than anything.


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