LA’s Consolation Prize For The World Series Loss: The Rams

It was a hard loss for the Dodgers, as they went down swingin’ against the Houston Astros last month.

Houston got their sports karma with Deshaun Watson suffering a season ending injury and effectively ruining their playoff hopes.

But how about the “City of Angels?”  Well, I could tell you that their NHL team the Kings is first in their division, but you wouldn’t give a shit, would you?

The Clippers and Lakers are 11th and 12th in the Western Conference…yikes, but that is producing great content on SNL!

But there seems to be a little light in Los Angeles, and that comes in the form of their new but old NFL team, the Rams.  That’s right, the Rams.

The Rams that took Sam Bradford first overall and held onto Jeff Fisher for way the hell too long?  The very same.  The Rams that hired the youngest head coach in league history and have a second year QB who was absolute dog shit in his rookie year?  Yes, THOSE Rams!  The Rams that decided to change the color scheme of their helmet and are having to deal with these awkward blue jerseys that still have that sickening gold on it?  For the last time, yes, it’s those Rams!  The Rams that-

Nevermind, you get what I’m saying.  Yes, the hapless Rams who have been one of many laughing-stocks of the league ever since Kurt Warner left, have found themselves transitioning from a team that was DEAD LAST in points per game one year, to be the LEAGUE LEADER in points per game the next.  In fact, at 32.9 PPG, they are playing at level equal to that of their “Greatest Show on Turf” days.  Let that sink in.  The team is sitting at 7-2, and top of their division in the NFC West.  On top of that, their next seven games include four at home and only three games outside of division.  While it may prove a difficult match up against Minnesota in Minnesota, these next seven games could have the Rams easily winning 4-5 and getting them a playoff berth…even, possibly, a home playoff game.  And as a Seahawks fan, it hurts to say.

Jared Goff going number one actually makes sense now…

After last year, I was looking at Carson Wentz, who still went 2 overall, as being the better QB in the long run.  Today, Wentz is still making a case as the leader of the league’s best Eagles, who have only one loss.  However, Goff has come out swinging this season with a 101.5 rating, nearly 2,400 yards and a 4:1 TD/Int ratio.  That’s not bad.  Combine that with a resurgence for Todd Gurley who had a horrible sophomore slump, and a defense anchored by Aaron Donald, the team is simply winning and not tripping over themselves.  This fluidity could do well to take them far come January…and maybe even…*GASP* February???

It’s too early to say, bro.  However, this postseason, provided these teams stay healthy, could be incredibly exciting for the NFC.  Division leaders after midseason that are 3+ games above .500 have been rare these last few seasons.

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