Xbox One X = My Favorite Gaming Experience

I know there’s a lot of love (and some hate) out there for the new Xbox One X. In terms of consoles, it’s the best one out there right now. I know I got a little excited when it was about to be released. I even wrote an article about it. That one may have gotten a little out of hand with the amount of adoration I found myself feeling, so hopefully you’re prepared for even more of it, because the Xbox One X is the best gaming experience I’ve had to date.

There was a lot to live up to with this release. Everywhere you looked was plastered phrases like “Most powerful console EVER OMG!!!” and the Sith sounding “Feel true Power”. I read so many articles of people saying how it runs and how big of a difference between it and the One S was. I didn’t quite believe them, for the most part. Oh, I wanted to believe them, but I’ve been screwed by gaming companies too many times to really buy into too much of their shit.

Yet somehow I also found myself NOT playing games I had looked forward to for so long. Like some twisted form of celibacy, I was saving myself to experience games like Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Forza 7 in a manner worthy of what they had to offer (god I sound like a loser). But when I finally got my hands on the console and hooked it up to my ridiculously underutilized beast of a TV, I was transported to a realm of childlike wonder. Climbing a mountain in Assassin’s Creed looked great. The mountain was so photo realistic I had forgotten to check out the view, then….oh my god…

I nearly shit my pants with the difference in video quality. The draw distance was like nothing I had ever experienced. I thought “Xbox One X Enhanced” was just a marketing ploy, but god damn does it look beautiful. The environment of ancient Egypt is more vibrant and expansive than anything I thought I’d have the chance to interact with.

Of course, the game that has stolen my heart in all of this is most definitely Shadow of War. Those lovable misfit orcs are by far the stars of that show. I don’t know if there’s ever been a game I could have this much fun with just interacting with NPCs. Some of them are friggin hilarious, some are diabolically evil, and some make VERY memorable kills in the fighting pits, because of course you have to make them fight to the death.

Whatever you choose to do with the little bastards, it will look fantastic. Riding around on a drake and raining fire on an entire fortress has never looked so good. The draw distances when you are on higher ground are markedly different. The textures when zooming in on something look as crisp as they can get. The load times are even mercifully shorter. Everything just feels so much better than I thought it would.

There’s a lot to love about this new console. The only thing holding it back is the price point and the fact it’s not really worth it without a 4K tv. However, if you’re in the market for one and have some cash lying around, I wouldn’t pass up this gaming experience.

I’m also actually really excited to see what Sony comes up with for their next console. If we get two superpowers in an arms race for best graphics, we all win. Don’t know when the next console will release, though. They’ve been pretty quiet about it, and we may not see it until 2020. But you can get in on some sweet gaming that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom right now. Just be prepared for some big ass installs on your hard drive. It takes a lot of space to look this good.


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