Eight In A Row, Voodoo Style

Well well well. Here we are with another week of NFL gone, and here I am writing another article of why the Saints are awesome and everyone else sucks. No idea how accurate that statement is since I hate this NFL season and refuse to watch or pay attention to anything but my own team. I mean, who the hell else is good? Couldn’t tell you. Maybe the Rams? I don’t even feel like checking on that, but I feel like we had a “Rams aren’t so bad” article recently…

ANYWAY, the New Orleans Saints have gone on an absolute tear since starting the season 0-2. I can’t believe I even get to type this next sentence. The Saints have now won 8 in a row. Hah! Suck it, everybody else! I realize that gloating is bad sportsmanship, and I should totally show how hospitable Louisiana fans are…..buuuuuuuut fuck that I barely ever get to do it. Here’s some highlights you can bask in:

There are a lot of things you could contribute their success to. Solid O-line play, Ole Reliable Brees, a defense that makes stops when it matters, but I want to focus on the best running back duo in the NFL. I’m talking about Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. Picking him up in the third round and getting Adrian Peterson in the offseason, you’d figure he wouldn’t be much of a staple behind Ingram. However, with Peterson leaving the team, it presented an opportunity Kamara took full advantage of. He’s had such a strong showing that he was voted as Rookie of the Week for a THIRD time. And how’s THIS for a statistic:

How the hell does that even happen? Usually, Saints fans just bathe in the aroma of national treasure Drew Brees, but having a good running game? All bets are off, fam, we goin to the playoffs! (Maybe…..if my heathen prayers get answered or we can summon an entire state to perform a voodoo ritual)

I think they’d be down for some voodoo, though. Saints fans are fucking awesome. Not only is the dome one of the best places to tailgate as a local, but they even gave out free beer to Redskins fans after their overtime loss. That’s a total bro move right there. “Hey guys, sorry our team just beat yours, but here’s some beer to help drown your troubles”. No wonder the Superdome gets voted as one of the best stadiums all the time.

I also love watching how much fun the players are having. There are a lot of clips out there of Saints players smiling and celebrating, but a bouncing Drew Brees and Sean Payton is by far my favorite:

I don’t know what the future holds for the Saints, and I’m not sure if I care. I’m just so happy for this team that took an introspective look after their two losses and rallied around each other to become a force to be reckoned with. Being on top of the NFC South is nothing to scoff at, and I wish them luck in their upcoming schedule (and also curse their remaining opponents).

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