The Stagedive: Metal Church Edition

It’s Sunday, November 26th, 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and mostly sunny outside…a beautiful autumn day that requires some appropriate accompanying music. Below is a playlist that starts off with standard heavy hitters Meshuggah, Fear Factory, and Pantera. From there the path winds a bit through the known and lesser known, dipping into melodic metal and a couple bits that are more in the metalcore realm…but hey, a punch in the face is a punch in the face, and all of these tracks deliver. You’ll notice there are a couple groups with more than one song: Dillinger Escape Plan made it twice because the second track was with Mike Patton on vocals (who is a music god as well as the front man for Dead Cross), and Veil of Maya’s two are actually in sequence off of their first release, which happens to be one of my favorite “two-song combos” out there. Happy Sunday, and whether it’s Satan, vulgarity, or that dark tickle in the back of your brain, kick back and get the pit going.

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