The State Of Destiny 2……Is Crap

Hey, everybody. Bungie recently posted their State of Destiny 2 news, and there’s a few things I wanted to address. In it is a long list of all the changes coming to the game in the near future. You can tell Bungie had a bad week right from the start when they say, “We’ve also been reading some tough criticism about our lack of communication, and we agree we need to be more open moving forward.”

Jesus Christ. How fucking long did it take them to figure this out? Did we not have this same problem with D1? How is it that every damn lesson they supposedly learned from the last game didn’t translate into the sequel? What, did you not read ANY forum comments or reddit posts, or basically a SINGLE THING about you on the internet? Bungie, here’s a little wisdom you can feel free to put in your back pocket: the developers with the most communication with their fan base are the ones with the most rabid fans. Why? Because the players feel like they have a say. They feel like they have a voice. They don’t feel constantly shit on even though they might be. Make no mistake, you were shitting on your players. A hidden scaling mechanism you conveniently chose not to address? All of that could have been alleviated if you came out at the beginning and said you were making the scaling change in the first place. You also could have mentioned it wasn’t working as intended, or I don’t know say fucking ANYTHING.


It got so bad that they had to stop the stream of the new content coming out because they were receiving so much hate. And this next bit is to the people that love to call people like me “whiners”; the people that like to type “boohoo” when players like me address problems we think a game has. I’m sorry I’m not a brainless jackass who just wants to sit and be taken advantage of by a gigantic corporation. Voicing your dissent is the only way to see change. If no one complained, you’d all still be getting screwed.

There’s also this quote: “We know it’s frustrating when there isn’t enough of a dialog with the development team. You have our commitment that we’re going to do a better job going forward.” Oh, look, we’re getting promises again. How do you “know” it’s frustrating when there isn’t enough of a dialog? Because people said so, right? That’s what let you know. So stop accusing people like me of whining.


Aside from all that, there is a long list of improvements coming. Most of them were addressed because people voiced their displeasure. Again, you’re welcome. Things like improved rewards for strikes, tuning crucible spawn rules, and armor ornaments are a welcome addition. I still don’t see the ability to see your damn fireteam on the map but whatever. There’s also this interesting tidbit of “Masterworks” weapons, a new tier I will now dub “Legendary Plus”. Putting stat-trackers is nifty, but putting re-rollable bonuses is better. It gives the game that element of maybe…just maybe….finding a god gun (probably not though).

One of the things people were also looking forward to is private crucible matches, which will be coming…..”early 2018″….oh…..well fuck. But now there might be some sort of “quitter penalty” system in the works? Thank. Fucking. God.


The New Year also might bring changes to the exotic weapon system so you don’t get duplicate exotics. Don’t know why in the hell that wasn’t there in the first place, but some time in the New Year is better than never, yeah?

It seems they are finally…FINALLY…..fixing the chest cooldown timer. I’d like to say “taking away”, but “scaling back” seems to be more accurate. There will still be no visual indication when the cooldown is triggered, though, soooooo…..

[DEC 12] Vendors will now beckon you to hand in your Reputation Tokens only when you’re carrying enough to earn a Reward Engram.” Thank you, dear sweet baby Jesus. Only been asking for that since launch.

There’s a lot more in there, but I have to say that by and large it sounds pretty positive. It shouldn’t take a PR debacle to make you tell people how you are adjusting the game, bu at least you SEEM to be figuring it out. I say that because of this quote:

“Going forward, we plan to continue this dialog as openly and frequently as possible. This will be an ongoing process, but one that we are committed to.”

Yes, it will probably be an ongoing process. That’s usually what is implied by continuous dialog. The “committed to” part is the one I am most skeptical about, though. It remains to be seen how committed they are. Maybe they won’t change a damn thing and will continue to offer platitudes. Maybe they can get someone that actually knows how to talk to people and not sound like a sarcastic tone-deaf asshole. We just have to wait and see.


I will leave with this: I haven’t played Destiny 2 in at least a couple of weeks. There was just no point. The dearth of content combined with what appeared to be shady business practices and bad community management had me too angry. But I always find myself in the mood for great shooter mechanics, and Destiny 2 has the best. It’s not even close. The absolute clusterfuck that was the launch of Battlefront 2 had me thinking that although Bungie was bumblefucking their way around the game’s biggest issues, they weren’t QUITE as evil or inept as EA appeared to be. With this newfound sense of loyalty to its fans, maybe Bungie can bring me back into the fold. I just have one stipulation: STOP HIDING SHIT.

Kerry OUT.



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