10 of My Favorite Insults in Film

Confrontation can involve a whole lot of different things, but one piece that’s almost always found is “the insult.” Films have brought us a wide variety of these memorable moments, some hilarious, some intense, and all quotable…well, usually quotable. Some lines are too offensive to repeat, or are reserved for very specific company.



With that said, I’ve thought it out and I came up with 10 of my favorite insults/confrontations from films. It’s safe to say that the majority of them shouldn’t be heard or seen by children, and that it’s likely the language will be over the top for many. But that’s why I like them so much. An insult is supposed to catch you off guard, it’s supposed to draw laughter, and it’s supposed to hit where it hurts. Uncle Buck and Hook opened the door to these moments for me, seeing how insults can be used for defending someone weaker, or even yourself. Way of the Gun and In Bruges delivered the Krav Maga of insults, displaying both how to deflect the blow, while simultaneously catching someone completely off guard offensively. And from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly I learned the deadpan, sly delivery method, while Gone With the Wind taught me that there are ways to eloquently tell someone to “go fuck yourself.”

Check out my list below, and feel free to share some of your favorites with us!


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