UFC 219 Highlights (Spoiler: There Aren’t Many)

Hello again, boys and girls, and welcome to another wrap up of UFC action. This time we were in Vegas for UFC 219 Cyborg vs Holm. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the absence of John Lineker and Jimmie Rivera. Their presence was sorely needed in a card that lacked action a lot of the time. But let’s see exactly who came out on top.

The only surprise in the main event for me was that it actually went the distance. Cyborg retained her title and never really lost any of the five rounds. Holm was tough as hell but fought one dimensional and never changed up the game plan, and Cyborg cruised to a title defense. Some are saying she needs to fight Amanda Nunes next, and just…..no. Just no. Give her an actual fighter in her division. Give here the fight she was supposed to get for the inaugural belt in the first place. I’m talking of Megan Anderson. With her, Cyborg has no size advantage, and gets a woman just as badass as she is. THAT is the fight I want to see. There’s only like 5 fighters in the fucking division anyway, and Anderson happens to be one of the few natural featherweights. She’s not just coming up a weight class so she doesn’t have to worry about the weight cut. Cyborg had a nice performance, but the wife and I spent more time talking about how bored we were. That may have been a product of the previous fights, though, and the main event didn’t help.

Yes, Khabib Nurmagomedov is back. Yes, he beat Edson Barboza quite handily. No, I don’t know what the fuck is going on in the division. With Conor McGregor holding everyone the fuck up, who the hell knows what the division has in store. Either give us a fight with Tony Ferguson to look forward to, or give up the fucking belt. I’m tired of waiting with so many deserving fighters in the background while he goes off and does fuck knows what. It’s been over a year since his last fight and we don’t even have any fight rumors to hang our hopes on. Promote Tony to champ, give him Khabib, and if Conor wants to get the belt back he can get it from one of them.

You also had Dan Hooker vs Marc Diakese which was an absolute snoozefest until Hooker got a submission. I really wish people would stop saying a fight is going to be amazing, because it almost always ends up boring. Carlos Condit and Neil Magny wasn’t quite as bad, but I still couldn’t tell you much more than Magny took Condit down a lot and won. That’s all I got. Those two fights were completely forgettable.

This next one actually went exactly the way I thought it would all the way down to the decision of a draw. Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov may have been the most exciting fight on the card. It was completely void of technique, mind you, but still entertaining. It was just a contest of who can withstand the most punches to the face. I guess with a draw they both win? Or maybe lose? Either way, I loved this fight.

I will say that the most exciting fighter on this card was definitely Nicolau Matheus. His performance against Louis Smolka took him from being nowhere on my radar to one of the top spots in the division. He has the potential to be something special, and I really want to see him again soon.

You also may have missed the UFC vet Tim Elliot proving that sometimes crazy CAN work. It was on Fight Pass, but I’m including it because there’s fuck all else worth putting up highlights for.

Apologies for the lack of content and highlights, but that’s the story of this card. I sincerely regret buying this pay per view, and wish I would have spent the last Saturday of the year playing video games or something. My wife made some great food, though, so there’s that. I hope to god the UFC stops making so many events. That way when you get a fight that falls through like Rivera/Lineker, there’s still a lot of great fights we can look forward to. Otherwise, you might get a card like this that was not worth the money. I feel really bad saying it because I love a lot of those fighters, but FUCK that was boring.

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