Alabama Proves They Belonged In The College Football Playoffs All Along

People tried to tell me I was crazy when I wrote that Alabama missing the CFP would be a huge mistake and looky here, I was right. 

Did it really take a complete dismantling of the Clemson offense by that Crimson Tide defense to prove to everyone Alabama was the best team in college football? I get the hatred for Alabama—I have it too. But I’m not about to let my personal bias try to cloud my judgement of what is yet another hyper talented Bama team. Just look at what they did against the Tigers with a defense that’s finally healthy. 
I think sometimes we all just hate something so much we have to try to convince ourselves it’s really not as good as it actually is. I know nobody in this house wants to see another Crimson Tide championship win. So it’s easier for all of us to create a fictitious world where we believe the 2017 Clemson Tigers and Oklahoma Sooners are legitimately better than this Nick Saban lead team with a powerhouse defense. 

I get that. I can dig it. 

But the problem is that we don’t live in that world. Much to all of our collective dismay, Bama football is stronger than ever and it’s going to stay that way until Saban retires. 

Oklahoma couldn’t beat a Georgia team who isn’t really as good as everyone thinks they are. 

Clemson couldn’t score a touchdown on Alabama when they had scored at least 2 offensive touchdowns or more in every game this season. Yet they had a big fat goose egg against Saban’s crew. 

Now I can’t wait to watch Bulldog fans nationwide crawl right back into their backwoods huts so we can all stop pretending Georgia football is a legitimately interesting topic of conversation in the sports world. 

I hate Alabama, but anyone who continues to deny that they’re the best team in the  country is just wrong. 

That’s all I’ve got, so let the hatred and mean comments commence you sports loving internet trolls!

2 thoughts on “Alabama Proves They Belonged In The College Football Playoffs All Along

  1. I am a Bama fan and i love my Tide. But all the negativity had me almost doubting the Tide…almost! Ive been telling anyone that would listen that is all the injuries. On a side note everyone is trying to do the same thing to Jalen Hurts. That he not very good, hes only got them to the Championship 2 years in a row and will bring it home this year! Roll Tide!


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