Overwatch League Pulls Huge Numbers On Day One

The days of people claiming eSports is just a “fad” or a “passing fancy” are over after Blizzard saw massive success on only Day One of Overwatch League play.

Fans of eSports and Overwatch worldwide have been waiting for the debut of this league since it has the potential to be the first league to legitimize eSports in the United States and help thrust it right into the middle of the mainstream sports scene.

As soon as the first match between San Francisco and the L.A. Valiant started over 362,000 concurrent viewers were locked in to see some of their first OWL action. Although the numbers dropped a little between matches, the viewer count stayed at 300,000+ for all three of OWL’s first night match-ups.



If other match-ups between the teams in this league are even half as good as the night’s final game between the Seoul Dynasty and Dallas Fuel, then it won’t be hard for them to continue pulling off these kinds of numbers. Especially with plays like this:


Even if they don’t,  the numbers are already there for OWL to build on and if there’s one thing Blizzard does better than anyone else, it’s marketing. Between they’re marketing  prowess and the major  backing that most of these teams have, I can’t wait to see how quickly this league grows.

They’ve done a great job branding these teams, putting together a great broadcasting team, and have a broadcast presentation that I was pleasantly surprised with. This league’s aesthetics can hold its own against any other major sports broadcast.

Overwatch League is the start of something very, very big.

Especially if Byung-Sun “Fleta” Kim keeps pulling off nasty quadras the way he did tonight. Yikes. #FletaFlex



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