Newest Fortnite “Dev Update” Shows How Developers Should Communicate With A Game Community

I keep saying this over and over again, but right now there are only two video game companies that matter: Hi-Rez and Epic Games.

Well just when I didn’t think Epic could impress me any more than they already have, they go ahead and put out a “Snowed In” edition of their Fortnite “Dev Update”

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you compare it to the communication of, oh I don’t know who—BUNGIE—then you can see how amazing it is for Fortnite’s Lead System Designer Eric Williamson to record an update on his PHONE!

This tells us as the gaming community that no matter what happens, the people at Epic Games care about us and are so committed to open communication that not even a blizzard will stop them. This update didn’t even have a lot of crazy pertinent information either, he just know that we cares, so he cares a lot too.

Go look at this versus any other developer or publisher out there right now, other than Hi-Rez, and tell me it isn’t like pulling teeth to get any kind of feedback or information from them. This is the exact attitude that sets Fortnite apart from the competition like Player Uknown’s Battlegrounds.

Keep up the good work Epic. We appreciate it.

giphy (13).gif

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