Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review

Hello again, you beautiful sons of bitches. Apologies for not writing as much recently. I had embarked on a journey of epic proportions across the realm and it took for fucking EVER to get here. Anyway, I’d like tell you about a little movie called…..The Death Cure.

If you haven’t seen any of the movies in the Maze Runner series, I advise you to partake and enjoy some pretty damn good spectacle. Out of all the “teen dystopian future” genre of movies, I have to say this one is my favorite. Everything starts on a very small scale to introduce you to most of the main players, then builds up steam from there until you get one of the most epic culminations, yet. Why did I enjoy it so much, you ask?

One word: explosions. It has them. I like me some splosions. Nothing better than something going up in a giant fireball, except for MANY things going up in a giant fireball. The last installment in particular is packed with action and mayhem. It can be a bit predictable at times, sure, but who gives a shit when the set pieces on screen look THAT spectacular? Buildings collapsing? Check. Massive artillery cannons raining lead on civilians? Check. Eating people’s faces off? CHECK!


The only drawback for me was the “teen” part of that earlier statement. I can do without the “OMG will he go for this girl or that one?”, and the “adults just don’t UNDERSTAND”. But everything else is pretty spot on. First off, it’s surprisingly brutal. There’s just so many people dying that it fills my heart with dead glee (which is the best kind of glee). Even one of the characters I really like wasn’t spared from a gruesome death. The dark tone is properly infused with one of hope thanks to the occasional interlude from Barry Pepper’s character.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about some of the characters and the amazing jobs they do: For the main character, we have Dylan O’Brien who has made some pretty big strides since the first movie. After seeing him in American Assassin, I can definitely see his action chops gaining momentum. Then we get the main antagonist played by none other than Littlefinger, Aiden Gillen. He’s just such a good villain that I don’t care how many kids he kills; I didn’t want him to stop. Another Game of Thrones alum is Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played Bran sidekick Jojen Reed. Out of all the other “teen” actors, he is by far the best. Everything just seems so natural to him, but he has been in a LOT of shit. Rounding it out we have Kaya Scodelario (HOT), Will Poulter (angry eyebrow man), and Rosa Salazar who plays Alita in the upcoming mindfuck that is James Cameron’s Battle Angel. There’s plenty others, but I’m tired of listing them.

Fish in a barrel

I will say that I wasn’t expecting too much out of it. I’ve only seen the other films in the series once. It’s a series the wife and I liked to go see together, and it was pleasant enough for me that I didn’t mind all the teen drama stuff. However, this entry got so intent on edge-of-your-seat action that I wouldn’t have cared if someone stared into the camera and screamed “I hate you, Dad!!!”; I just wanted to see more splosions….and more splosions I got.

Look, do yourself a favor and get into these movies. Even if you’re not really into that teen genre, the action alone is enough to keep you interested. Add in a zombie-like virus that’s killing everyone and you got yourself a damn fine series. But watch it on the big screen so you can see that sweet sweet fire in all its glory.

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