Monster Hunter World Is A Well Timed Breath Of Fresh Air In The Video Game Landscape

I have been excited about the release of Monster Hunter World for a while now, and I’m glad it finally released to help break up monotony of the video game world right now.

Battle Royale this.

Battle Royale that.

Something about Destiny 2 & Bungie.

Microtransactions??? Oh MY!

The themes in the gaming world over the past few months have been monotonous and troubling. Developers taking shots at each other, taking shots at the gaming community, and even gamers with a little more in-fighting that usual has lead us to a weird place in the video game landscape these days.


Hardly any of us feel like we’re getting a 100% completely finished product when we buy a game nowadays and then some publishers try to make us feel like it’s our own fault. I mean it is, in a way, because we continue to buy their trash. But what are we supposed to do if these big gaming companies keep giving us mediocre products and nothing else?

Well, Capcom has finally given us a temporary solution!

Monster Hunter World.

This game is such an amazing breath of fresh air for all of us avid gamers (addicts). It’s a chance to get a game, that’s 100% complete at launch, and dive into its awesome grind without the need to purchase coins/crystals/gems/ etc. You just get to jump right into the “New World” and start beating the shit out of dinosaur-esque type creatures.

It’s great.


Now they game isn’t devoid of any problems at all, but those problems are palatable and easy to overlook when you don’t have to spend a bunch of extra money just to make it marginally enjoyable to start with. It has glitches, frame lag issues, and clipping concerns, but they’re going to continue to fix it and they don’t expect anything from us in return in the form of even more of our hard earned dollars.

We were promised a great Monster Hunter experience and by god we got one. All for the normal, standard price of a new game.


It has a fully fleshed out crafting/upgrade system, interestingly improved “Monster Hunter” combat system, palicos, and more. It’s a game that makes me want to equip my Switch Axe, go out into the Ancient Forest, and kick some Anjanath ass over and over again.

No microtransactions. No battle royale. No drama or incompletes. Just me, my pal Albus, and a lot of really cool dinosaurs kill and be killed by.

So back I go to the magically world of Monster Hunter so I can watch a Barroth and a Jyuratodus fight to the death.

Barroth vs Jyuratodus.gif

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