5 Reasons Altered Carbon Is Amazing

Very rarely do I have the time to binge watch shows anymore. Even more rare is when there is a show I actually WANT to watch many episodes of consecutively. But when I first saw the trailer for Altered Carbon on Netflix, I had a feeling it would be one of those shows. It looked like it had most of the things I’m interested in: sci-fi, violence, sci-fi violence, mindfucks, amazing visuals, and boobs. The formula is right there. A lot of comparisons were made with Blade Runner 2049, which just happens to be one of my favorite movies of last year. However, I’ve been burned enough to know I should temper my expectations and watch a show on its own merits. Having failed miserably at that because I was in love from the first episode, I decided to come up with some reasons you should give it a shot, if for some hedonistic reason you were hesitant.


  1. It’s fucking awesome

I mean, there you go. Review done, right?

….Shit I think I actually have to come up with more than that….hmmmm….Oh I know!

2. Boobs

Yep. Lots of boobs.

…Damn this is harder than I thought. How do I break down things like the acting, plots, visuals, and such…ooohhhhhh I get it.

3. The performances

This is probably the only category I was concerned with. I didn’t have much experience with most of the people in it, and the ones I did know caused me a bit of trepidation. Joel Kinnaman plays the lead, and the last thing I saw him in (Suicide Squad) left me wanting to vomit all over everything and everyone. Thank god this role was basically made for him because I was a little scared he didn’t have what it took. He was god damn terrific. And that’s not even mentioning all the support characters that blew me away. Martha Higareda (Kristin Ortega) was probably the biggest surprise. I’d never seen her before, but I want her in everything from now on (including me). She’s insanely beautiful, a tiny badass, and perfect for an angry cop who wants to take rich assholes down. But my favorite character by far was Poe played by Chris Connor. Just something about his performance made me hope he never left the screen. He plays the AI manager of The Raven, a theme hotel with Edgar Allen Poe as the shotgun wielding proprietor. And what about Kristin Lehman who plays Miriam Bancroft? Just…..yum….There’s so many more characters that deserve mention, too, but you just need to see it.

I feel the same way, Joel.

4. The visuals

I figure it’s pretty hard to build a world. It must take quite a lot of time. So how in the hell they built something that intriguing while also taking the time to create such visually stunning artwork and set pieces is beyond me. I know there’s a book series it gets most of its ideas from, but that only goes so far. The craftsmanship to bring it to life is amazing. I have no doubt I could jump through my screen and live there. The graffiti on the walls, the dazzling architecture of the mansions, and (my favorite) The Raven hotel all make for great backdrops. But the devil is in the details, and it’s there where you can really feel the dedication they had to making this world a reality.

Look out, Joel! There’s a floating Asian lady behind you!

5. Plot

Okay, there is no FUCKING way I would be able to form coherent sentences and summarize the plot. It’s not quite Westworld levels of “what the fuck is going on”, but it’s close. There’s the requisite number of twists and turns, but also some key points you might miss if you aren’t paying attention. However, I will say that if for whatever reason they don’t make another episode, I’m perfectly fine with the way it ended. There’s not really many questions I still have or things that didn’t get resolved. Having it all wrapped up so nicely is great, but leaving it with a springboard of possibility for the new season is even better. Because there is no way I want this show to end. I need more; I need bigger; I need bloodier. Just please find a way to keep most of the characters. The show was such a breath of fresh air I’m remiss to see any of them go.

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