The Real Reason Why Fortnite Is Better Than PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

It’s official—the Battle Royale genre has COMPLETELY taken over the video game world. Every time I turn my head I see Fortnite this, Fortnite that, I hear “I used to play PUBG, but now I play Fortnite”, or “Fortnite is for little baby children who like playing Minecraft and cartoons.”

These two games have almost completely dominated gaming headlines over the past few month (shout out to Monster Hunter World’s success) and the war between these two fan bases is starting to get a little chippy.


I’m in the camp that thinks people should play whatever game they like, no matter what everyone else thinks. Whichever gaming experience floats your boat more is the one you should partake in and if anyone tries to make you feel stupid for it, then you need to tell them to piss off. That being said—one of these games is clearly better than the other one and it’s name is Fortnite.

I’m not going to talk about graphics, optimization, overall entertainment value, or game mechanics (all areas Fortnite clearly excels in). I’m going to talk about the real reason why Fortnite is BY FAR, WITHOUT A DOUBT the better game—developer involvement. Here’s a perfect example:

We can all yell at each other until our lungs collapse about how “Fortnite is clearly better optimized, with a better gunplay experience” or “PUBG is more realistic, has great weapon customization mechanics that Fortnite lacks, and is more suited for the ‘hardcore’ Battle Royale player.” Those arguments have been heard, noted, archived, burned, and hopefully never brought up again.

But where the greatest divide between these two gaming titans is, is in how clearly and frequently the developers for each interacts with its community. Epic Games’ communication with its community is light year’s ahead of Bluehole and gamers are taking notice.

PUBG has been a sensation; sweeping the nation of gamers since March of last year and yet, Fortnite has SURPASSED PUBG in concurrent players for two months in a row. In December Fortnite barely usurped PUBG’s player throne with a concurrent player number of 3 million to 2.9 million. Last month, Fortnite was the clear champion with a concurrent player base of 3.4 million vs. PUBG’s 3 million. Even with a slew of server issues.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has only been out since September of last year and yet it is KICKING PUBG’S ASS month to month. Why is this?

It’s because Epic Games’ primary concern is the player experience and for Bluehole it’s only about the game’s performance and profits.


From the very beginning of Fortnite—months before the release of Battle Royale—Epic Games made this game all about its players. Giving away goodies for early adopters, constantly communicating with the community when it comes to issues and updates, and providing players with an ever evolving world that they can’t wait to dive into. That same mentality has transitioned over into Battle Royale.

Since the it’s launch, Fortnite: Battle Royale has had several weapon updates/additions, multiple holiday themed events, dozens of item additions, and one major map update. The game has changed SO MUCH in the last five month that it’s barely recognizable from the very beginning when only early access players were invited to play.

What has PUBG had? They added a new map? Fixed outdated graphics and terrible optimization concerns? That’s it? Okie dokie.


On top of major updates, Epic has added things like rocket riding, jump pads, constantly tweeked weapon balance, and are currently working on adjusting the weapon mechanics as a whole. And with every single little change, Epic is right there with a “Dev Update” letting it’s community know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and why it’s happening. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t gotten an update just to tell us that the devs are taking a break from the game to go take a shit.

How many other games can survive this many continuous server issues and still not only survive, but continue to thrive and prosper? Not many. That’s the difference between a company that treats it’s game as a community experience and not just a commodity.

They’ve solved the broken formula in a greedy and overly secretive gaming era—COMMUNICATION. That’s why Fortnite is better than PUBG and will continue to be for a very long time.

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