Just How Good IS Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is the Greatest Of All Time.




The NFL tweeted a “Top 10” of the Packers QB’s highlights from the 2017 season. The first problem is that they attributed all the success of these plays to what a fantastic arm and what incredible vision Rodgers has on the field. Uhhh…last I checked, even if the O-line collapses in on itself, like the Bears’ mystical black hole, you still have to have a receiver/back who is making the catch at the other end. And when you watch these clips, same as all the “Hail Mary” nonsense from the year before, you can see that the majority of plays require a dive or a 50/50 ball. In other words, the play is ACTUALLY being made by whoever is catching the ball, not by the man who threw it. Do you hear everyone talking about how stellar a QB Eli Manning is, or do you hear them talking about OBJ and his phenomenal one-handed grabs?

Furthermore, if Mr. Rodgers is to be considered the absolute greatest to play his position, don’t you think he’d have to have more than a single super bowl trophy in his case? I mean, Eli Manning has more rings than, and Joe Flacco has just as many as he does ffs.



CBS Sports had the audacity to rank the Packers as number 6 in their offseason power rankings. A team that didn’t make the playoffs this year, versus a number of other NFL teams who have grown in capability and dominance, and CBS turds are still going to wear the old hat of assuming that a few names of fantasy football past will drive this entire team to 6th on the charts. Get real.

As you can see, none of this really had to do with statistics, position rankings, or any other numbers. Why? Because the average Joe doesn’t care who had the higher completion percentage between Brady, Rodgers, and Brees. The fans care about wins and bragging rights, and Packers fans have to dig pretty deep at this point to stake their claim on how great their guy is versus the rest.

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