Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me About Babymetal?

I’ve been a metal fan as far back as I can remember. When other little tykes were talking about the Barney theme and couldn’t shut up about ninja turtles, I was sitting my room listening to Pantera and Nine Inch Nails….while also watching Barney and ninja turtles. My fucking point is, I pride myself on being pretty on top of the metal scene. Only problem is, my focus was always North America and Europe. This set up me up to be blindsided during a youtube rabbit hole by a Japanese band called BABYMETAL. What would a Japanese band with three female vocalists look like? I’m glad you asked. Prepare yourself:

Now, if you went into it knowing what you were looking for, it might be fairly innocuous. But I stumbled upon it while lying in bed after a long day and was confused out of my god damn mind. It honestly took me a little while to even figure out if I liked it or not. I blame myself for not being as involved in the Japanese metal scene as I am with other locales, but am I the only one who absolutely loves the batshit craziness of it all?

I mean….the fuck? I’ve already seen the videos plenty of times and I’m still laughing my ass off, but also really enjoying the music. What’s not to like? That video is actually how I found them. The song was featured on Altered Carbon and I was running through some of the soundtrack when BOOM dancing Japanese girls. Of course, if I thought the videos were entertaining, I was unprepared for some of their live stuff.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I lost my shit at this point. I actually had to search and make sure this was a legitimate thing, and not just an elaborate marketing gimmick. Nope, totally legit. The band started back in 2010 and have two full albums you can download. Oh, the ladies also have heavy metal names which are….oh god….”Sumetal”, “Yuimetal”, and “Moametal”….no bullshit. None of them are currently old enough to buy beer in the U.S., by the way. They were all a part of a Japanese idol band called Sakura Gakuin until the talent agency decided to fuse the idol genre and metal genre. Thank god they did, because I have been thoroughly entertained by my foray into this crazy shit.


I don’t even know what to think anymore. What else have I been missing? Is there a metal group in Burkina Faso I’ve been ignoring? Does the Maldives have something to offer? Please tell me if so, because I need this kind of shit in my life for sheer entertainment value. Now I leave you with their debut music video, which is quite possibly one of the most kawaii things you can have and still loosely classify it as metal.

9 thoughts on “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me About Babymetal?

  1. Go dig out there set from Metrock 2015, Amazing show.

    And there 2 day Tokyo Dome shows from 2016. 2 Days sold out infront of 55,000 fans each day. All wearing light up neck braces that produce an amazing spectacle during the song The One


    1. Oh & there Painkiller/Breaking the Law Collaboration with Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

      And there history making show at Wembley Arena, 1st Japanese act to ever play a solo show there.


  2. You have good timing, they will start the ticket pre-sale soon. Hope they play somewhat near you. The selection of cities (so far announced) is a bit strange this year.


  3. Just so you don’t find out to late, they are doing a small tour in the States later this year, tickets on sale in about 2 or 5 days.


  4. The most controversial Metal band on the planet!! Bring their name up in a chat or social forum and all hell will break loss! I love this band and all the controversial shit that comes with it….it’s the funnest thing to come along in music in a long time. I can honestly say they bring LIFE back into Metal!! No stay Metal and carry on!


  5. First i wana say Japan is always worth a look for every music genre 😉
    But I’m sry to tell you, that there is no other Band like BM except the cover Bands who already exist. The was a Band called Ladybaby how jumped on the Kawaii Metal wagon (for me it’s still called Babymetal)

    I liked them to…but i don’t wana compare them with Babymetal…whole different world.

    So if you fall down the rabbit hole, and it looks like you are already on full speed XD, the “Worldtour” was just announced…look for tickets know and go for the solo shows. It’s not easy to get a ticket.

    For more Metal…think you know Japan X ?!

    Another Band i realy like is Brats. I just laugh about the name of their first single “14-sai byou -> 14-year old disease” A Girl Band…listen for yourself, think you can say more about music then me..

    their new song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73HxSYyXhnQ

    Band-Maid another Girl Band with many western Fans

    Maximum to Hormone maybe you take a deeper look into this Band. My favorite song is one witch isn’t that heavy

    Sry, there is just much more…i just listen sometimes to Japanese music…but Babymetal ist just Fun & Happiness with realy Fat Metalmusic … you should also look for the Kami Band who plays for Babymetal…all perfect musicians and on top of that realy nice human beings 😉

    Kitsune up and enjoy your flight with Babymetal


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