Way Too Early Fortnite Season 5 Predictions (And A Few Insane Ones From Me)

It’s been almost a week since Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 showed up, and I can say with absolute certainty that it is amazing. Not only did the meteor teaser finally show up and destroy certain locations (fare thee well, Dusty Depot), but it added a ton of new sites and secrets. If you’re like me, your head starts to swim with all the possibilities, and you let your imagination get carried away until all thinking devolves into an amalgamation of insanity and Monster Energy drinks. In that vein, here’s some WAAAYYYY too early theories about what season 5 will bring, and then some batshit craziness from yours truly.


I’ll start with more of a hope for season 4 than a prediction for season 5. The superhero vs. supervillain backdrop is front and center with this season, and I don’t think it’s just for funsies. 50v50 happens to be one of the most popular modes by far, so what I’m hoping for is a 50v50 mode of heroes vs. villains that starts in either the mansion (heroes) or the missile base (villains). The way it would decide your team is either random…..or whatever season 4 costume your character has equipped. I know; it sounds really lame. But I can only picture a mass of two armies in full hero/villain regalia colliding in the middle of the map. Here’s the kicker: a win for your side makes it more likely the opposing team’s base is destroyed in the next season. Think Destiny faction rally, but actually meaningful. Yes, it’s a stupid idea, but it makes more sense than the next few.


That big ass missile will destroy part of the map

This one is easily within the realm of possibility considering we’ve already had parts of the mapped marred by meteor impacts. Perhaps the villains will try to take out their rivals over on the east side of the map, and we may see a restructuring of locations over there. Maybe the missile doesn’t even have an explosive payload….but a biological/chemical one to reshape the landscape…….or introduce zombies. Perhaps there is an as of yet unknown triggering mechanism already on the map, or a hidden location that hasn’t been found that could provide more clues. Supervillains love to reveal their plans prematurely, so maybe there’s some blueprints or notes lying around somewhere. However, considering the fact we’ve already had map bits be destroyed by meteor, doing it again with a missile seems a bit lazy to me, and I don’t think Epic is that lazy. That leads me to believe this next theory may actually hold water.

The missile foretells the introduction of aliens

Who is to say that giant missile isn’t for space travel? Maybe those dastardly villains have a secret moon base that’s in sore need of a Slurp Juice resupply. Maybe they realized a constant struggle of heroes and villains was cliche and said “fuck that” to go find a new home among the stars. Either way, a god damn gigantic rocket sitting in a secret mountain base is probably not just for aesthetics. In my opinion, it doesn’t necessarily have to introduce actual aliens. It may just introduce alien technology. The Hop Rocks might be a precursor to laser weaponry or inter-dimensional grenades. Who knows. But I do like the idea of the villains being the impetus for it, and you’ll see why in a bit.


Monsters are coming!

This one is on some pretty shaky ground. All we have is one single footprint and a destroyed house. Some people think it isn’t even anything more than a special effect for one of the movie productions going on all around the map. However, I tend to stay awake at night thinking of stupid shit that doesn’t mean anything, so here’s some of that. One thought is that the footprint ties in to season 6 more than season 5. Here me out: if the missile in the villain’s base actually has a nuclear payload, the entire map could be taken out. Consider it a reset of the whole BR mode so the game doesn’t get too stale. The phrase “bomb them back to the Stone Age” comes to mind, and that could very well be what Epic has planned. Go completely futuristic/alien tech in season 5, then scale it back to the dinosaur era or thereabouts. I mean there’s already a T-Rex skin, right?

Or perhaps the footprint is of a creature created by the villains to wreak havoc. One house has already been destroyed. Maybe we will see new markings show up in later updates. I like this theory because it makes me think the missile at the villain base is nothing more than a contingency against the monster they unleashed…….or my imagination is about to get the better of me again….

Maybe there is a villain created monster, and it actually portends a coming game mode. Picture this, a 50v50 mode where the heroes are trying to assault the heavily-defended mountain fortress of the villains so they can get their hands on the missile that can destroy the giant monster wreaking havoc on the landscape. Yeah, it usually comes back to ways I can get a 50v50 mode, but that’s where my heart lies. Sue me.

All of it is meaningless

This one actually makes me laugh a little. I think some of us may have went too crazy with meteor theories in the last season, and now Epic is just trolling us with a massive amount of red herrings. None of this stuff may be true, and it’s all just a ruse for whatever they have planned. Maybe we’re overlooking something. Like all of the movie sets on the map are the real clue and it’s setting up a map editor, private matches, or special tournament. Perhaps they don’t even put that much thought into it, and the fan theories will always be more interesting than what happens in the game *cough* Destiny *cough*.

….Or maybe there’s much more to be found; like an ice cream truck with 100,000 HP with a chest inside of it. Or maybe a random spot on the landscape that opens up to reveal a new area we haven’t seen. I have no idea, but I do know I love finding stuff and speculating about it. So please, if you find something, let me know what it is, and bathe me in your psychotic thoughts about what it could mean.


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