London Spitfire Dominate LA Valiant For Appearance In First Ever Overwatch League Grand Finals

It’s official, the London Spitfire are officially the FIRST TEAM of the inaugural Overwatch League season to earn a trip to Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn for a chance at the very first OWL championship!

We all knew going into Day 2 of this semi-finals match-up, between London and the L.A. Valiant, that Los Angeles was playing behind. Not just in record, but in overall momentum.

Down 0-1 to the Spitfire, the Valiant needed to make a big push early in Day 2 to have a chance at making it to the Grand Finals next week and, sadly, their efforts fell flat.  It’s a tough loss for an L.A. team that had a relatively slow start to the season, going 11-9 through the first two stages, yet found a way to dominate their way to being one of the top teams in the league finishing Stages 3/4 with a 16-4 record.

Valiant 1

The heavy favorites going into this semi-finals match-up, some people expected the Valiant to handle London with relative ease. However, the freakishly outstanding play, of Jun-Young “Profit” Park, Jae-Hui “Gesture” Hong, and team leader Seung-Tae “Bdosin” Choi proved too much to overcome. No team has been better than London at countering and maximizing hero switches the way that London has in the playoffs so far, which has forced all of the Spitfire’s opponents to play from a deficit every single time.

That, combined with the fact that Profit could quite possibly be the best player in the playoffs right now (don’t tell Carpe I said that), it was always going to be an uphill battle for Los Angeles to walk away with a semi-finals win and make it to Brooklyn.

I mean, with Profit making plays like this against someone like Agilities, it’s hard not to be excited.


There was a moment in the match when it looked like the Valiant might have been able to find some momentum and made a solid effort on Eihcenwalde in Game 3 to force the tie-breaker. After playing solid defense, but inevitably allowing London to finish out the push, Los Angeles pushed passed London without much resistance.

It looked like they had all of the momentum to take Game 3 and stay alive, but then Profit happened. As much momentum as LA had going into the tiebreaker, London, on the backs of Profit and Bdosin (surprise!), was just too strong and made the final push to secure their Grand Finals appearance.

Bdosin 1

Right now, it’s incredibly hard to see any team beating the Spitfire. The strength of the Spitfire’s core players like Profit, Gesture, and Bdosin all playing at their peak right now might be an incredibly difficult mountain for either the New York Excelsior or the Philadelphia Fusion to climb. If I had to pick a favorite for the Grand Finals next week, the London Spitfire would be my pick. It could be recency bias, but it’s hard not to watch them and get excited about this team with the level of talent they have and the ridiculously in tune teamwork they play with.

We’ll see who the Spitfire will be facing off against in the Grand Finals tomorrow, as New York and 6th seeded Philadelphia will start Day 2 of their semi-finals match-up at 6 pm EST.

The “underdog” Fusion lead the series 1-0.

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