Calmer Than You Are with Nick Rose

Calmer Than You Are with Nick Rose takes a look at sports, TV, film, and, occasionally, politics. The title is a reference to perhaps the best line in the Coen Brothers’ cult classic The Big Lebowski.

Here’s a quick bio of the host:

Nick Rose is a lifelong sports fan and an avid writer. He grew up in Vermont, but was exiled for cow-tipping with extreme prejudice during the famous Cow Riots of 2009. His dad is originally from Northeast Ohio and raised his son to be a Cleveland fan. Nick has never understood what he could have possibly done to deserve such suffering. When he’s not writing or recording his podcast, Nick enjoys hiking, reading, and protecting the city of Boston as his superhero alter-ego The Ace of Spades. With his trusty catchphrase, “you are a card and now you must be dealt with”. He currently resides just outside Boston with his wife Molly and their dog Winston Churchill.



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